Selfcare Duo ($15 OFF)

Recharge and replenish with Mother Nature's finest; the Selfcare Duo is me-time simplicity. Apply the concentrated and waterless Reboot Face Mask (value $46) followed by the top-selling Pure Nilotica Melt healing balm (value $28) for a deep-nourishing boost. 

The Reboot Face Mask with Kigelia Extract, Hibiscus, Thanaka Root, Himalayan Shilajit, and Moroccan Lava Clay smooths and clarifies. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and balanced without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. 50ml.

The Pure Nilotica Melt is the multitasking, certified organic skin hero consisting of 70 cold-pressed Nilotica nuts. It delivers a powerful cocktail of Vitamin A, E + K, the same antioxidants as in green tea, barrier restoring essential Omegas, and soothing Allantoin for a deeply nourished skin. Apply as a concentrated moisturizer or overnight mask to lock in the effect of the treatment mask. 50ml.

The Selfcare Duo comes in a reusable cotton pouch (perfect for storing jewelry, skincare/makeup while traveling, to protect sensitive items, etc!).


The Reboot Mask: In a cup mix 1 tsp of dry mask with 1.5-2 tsp of water, or until desired texture. Apply on cleansed face and leave 15-20min. Remove with tepid water and follow with Pure Nilotica Melt.

Use 1-2 times/week.

The Pure Nilotica Melt: Squeeze out a small amount into your hands. Massage the Melt onto dry spots, focusing on face, lips and around the undereye area. For an especially nourishing treatment, apply a thin layer all over face as an overnight mask. You can even use it as an all-natural highlighter on your collarbone and décolletage, or light lip balm.


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