The Copper Wand

Not just a tool. A magic wand.

Designed exclusively for LXMI, this double-ended copper wand adds a new level of luxury to your skincare routine. The black, flat end keeps your LXMI products fresh and contamination-free, while the round, copper end depuffs and revitalizes skin by stimulating circulation. We especially love using it around our eyes, jawline and even sinuses on stuffy days.


Scoop product from jar using the flat, black end of tool. Swipe onto fingertips or dot directly onto face. Then, massage product in using the round, copper end, focusing on areas that are puffy or discolored. Its material and shape were designed to help stimulate circulation for an even, luminous complexion. Pro tip: keep your wand in the refrigerator for even better results.



The copper-tipped applicator has two sides: one for scooping out the product (black, flat end) so you can distribute the right amount of product every time. The copper ball tip is for distributing the product across your face and décolletage, you'll find it provides a cooling and refreshing effect that stimulates the skin as you massage. We'd recommend specifically using it in the undereye area, to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness!

- All, particularly puffy eyes with dark circles

- Puffiness
- Darkness
- Lack of firmness
- Inflammation
- Product shelf life/avoiding bacteria getting into skincare jars etc.

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