Pure Nilotica Melt
Pure Nilotica Melt
Pure Nilotica Melt
Pure Nilotica Melt
Pure Nilotica Melt

Pure Nilotica Melt
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We recently switched our Pure Nilotica Melt from a jar to a tube — the tube contains more product, takes less fuel to ship (it’s a lot lighter than the jar), and is more travel and gym-friendly.

Ultra-Hydrating Facial Balm to Transform Dry, Damaged Skin

As a 100% organic, single-ingredient skin savior, this luxurious balm-to-oil deeply nourishes thirsty skin to help smooth visible imperfections. The texture starts as a silky butter, and then absorbs quickly into skin. The micro-crystals found in the Pure Nilotica Melt will dissolve on your skin, and prove that the nuts were cold-pressed in temperate Uganda v. refrigerated lab conditions. You can use as an overnight mask or throughout the day where needed.


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Primary Ingredients:

100% Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit Butter

Nilotica (NILE-ot-i-kah) is a certified organic skin superfood — harvested seasonally from 20-year old trees, only at the source of the Nile River.

Ingredient List

Pure Nilotica Melt Ingredients

100% Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit Butter

We weren’t kidding when we said single-ingredient. The Melt is 100% Nilotica Reserve — making it 100% safe enough for your skin (and to eat!).



Ultra-Hydrating, Smoothing

Clinical Results*:

100% demonstrated immediately brighter, more hydrated skin.
96% showed immediate improvement in visible fine lines and wrinkles.
96% experienced more hydrated skin, 8 hours after applying.
86% still had more hydrated skin, even 24 hours after applying.

*24-hour, 28-panel test, Expert Graded Results


Stir the Melt with your cooling copper-tipped wand. Apply as a salve to dry skin as needed, focusing on face, lips, and around eye orbital areas. For a glowy effect on low necklines, apply to your décolletage. Additionally, use as an overnight leave-on mask.

Frankie carries her Melt tube to moisturize on-the-go.

50 Nilotica Nuts go into a single jar of Melt.

The secret to smooth skin for our harvest and production team in Uganda is their own product: Nilotica.

Before Nilotica is cold-pressed into a shiny butter, it's exterior shell is removed.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • What is the metal knob accessory that comes in the box?

    The copper-tipped applicator has two sides: one for scooping out the product (black, flat end) so you can distribute the right amount of product every time. The copper ball tip is for distributing the product across your face and décolletage, you'll find it provides a cooling and refreshing effect that stimulates the skin as you massage. We'd recommend specifically using it in the undereye area, to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness!

  • Is LXMI cruelty free?

    None of our products (nor our ingredients) are tested on animals. We thoroughly test our products on ourselves before putting them through rigorous clinical testing as well. 

  • Is the ingredient stable in the jar/tube since it is 100% organic?

    Yes it is! This formula contains 0% water, which allows it to be stable in a jar after opening. Just keep your product away from the sink, and you shoudn't experience any contamination issues. Thank your for your question!

  • Is this product non comedogenic?

    Yes! Nilotica is related to shea butter, which is classified as non-comedogenic. We've actually heard reports of Nilotica Reserve helping clear up blemish-prone skin. Hope this helps! Thank you for your question.

  • Can I use this if I'm pregnant?

    Absolutely, Pure Nilotica Melt is one of the safest skincare treatments to use during pregnancy. It's such a clean formula that we've eaten it in a chocolate truffle recipe without any concerns at all! Hope you are having a relatively easy pregnancy. Hang in there. xo

Which skin type is it good for?

- Normal
- Dry
- Sensitive

What is it?

A deeply nourishing overnight treatment to hydrate dry, damaged skin and smooth visible imperfections with 100 percent organic Nilotica Reserve™ from the Nile Valley.

What is it a solution for?

- Dryness
- Dullness and uneven texture
- Fine lines and wrinkles

If you want to know more...

This overnight facial treatment intensively hydrates skin with just a single, rare, cold-pressed miracle ingredient from the Nile Valley. Made of only 100 percent organic Nilotica Reserve—LXMI's proprietary active—this luxurious Balm-to-Oil skin savior melts upon application to soften skin's texture and brighten the complexion. Perfect for adventurous travel, harsh weather conditions, and after skin peeling treatments, and to soothe the symptoms of eczema and sensitivity, this buttery formula offers over 25 percent more essential fatty acids versus traditional beauty oils for an even, plump-looking, and comfortable complexion.

What is it formulated without?

- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- Gluten
- Oils
- Parabens
- Petrochemicals
- Triclosan
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes

The Pure Nilotica Melt only has ONE ingredient in it! It does not contain synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, gluten, oils, or triclosan. It is vegan, 100 percent naturally derived, noncomedogenic, and cruelty-free.

Our founder has sensitive skin and developed the formula with no artificial fragrance, sulfates, parabens, and other allergens specifically for people who have issues with most cosmetic formulas.

What else do you need to know?

LXMI sources Nilotica Reserve from low-income women in the Nile Valley, paying them three times local wages for each harvest, as a means of alleviating global poverty. This product is vegan, 100 percent naturally derived, a certified organic ingredient, free of gluten, cruelty-free, noncomedogenic, and dermatologist approved.

"Discovering Nilotica Reserve first changed my skin, then my life. This miraculous skin superfood inspired me to found LXMI. Today we go above and beyond to source the best quality Nilotica with unique terroir, for a noticeable difference on skin. Plus, I insist we source from women who desperately need opportunities to lift themselves up."—Leila Janah, Founder

"For an overnight treatment, I recommend applying this Melt in a pattern like the LXMI seal. This technique ensures that you cover all the right contours, and the facial massage stimulates skin for a natural glow. "—Leila Janah, Founder

How do I use the Pure Nilotica Melt?

- Scoop with spatula and massage into skin.
- Use as an overnight facial mask, even around the eye orbitals, and throughout the day as needed.
- Wait one to two minutes for optimal absorption.
- If you feel a few microscopic crystals within your natural formula, they are normal and will dissolve on skin. Like imperfections in raw silk, these crystals reflect the unprocessed, natural state of LXMI's Nilotica Reserve™.

"For an overnight treatment, I recommend applying this Melt in a pattern like the LXMI seal. This technique ensures that you cover all the right contours, and the facial massage stimulates skin for a natural glow."—Leila Janah, Founder


Store in a cool, dry place, as direct heat can change product consistency (but efficacy will not be altered).

Should I use the melt under my makeup?

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt is more of a buttery texture, so use under makeup only if your skin is thirsty and will absorb the product within minutes, or if you are looking to achieve more of a glowy (v. matte) effect.

*A trick of the trade for Melt: try mixing our formula with some of your drier makeup pigments, such as matte lip colors, lip pigments, and even eye shadows. Melt will make these products creamy and easy to apply, while preserving the shades you love.

Where should I use the melt?

We recommend using it where needed (dry cheeks, around the eye orbitals, and on the lips are our favorite places), or all over the face before bed as a leave-on nighttime mask. You won't believe how juicy and plump your complexion seems upon waking in the morning.



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