COPPER WAND Product Info

Mini-Facial Massage Tool

Scoop skincare products from jars using the flat, black end to keep your creams fresh and contamination-free. 

Use the copper ball to distribute cream across your skin and do a quick and relaxing lymphatic face massage. It helps to release tension, reduce inflammation, and enhance natural glow. The cooling copper end depuffs and revitalizes skin by stimulating circulation. We love using it especially around our eyes, jawline and even sinuses on stuffy days.

LXMI Copper Wand for lymphatic face massage

The Lymphatic System

While the cardiovascular system pumps blood through blood vessels, the lymphatic system, centered around the cervical lymph nodes, moves lymph fluid through muscles tissues, to aid the body in removing waste and toxins.

Part of our immune system, it also scans against bacteria and viruses. Due to factors such as aging, lifestyle, and overall health, this flow can become congested, leading to toxin and fluid build-up, skin puffiness, and a weakened immune system. 


Apply a light pressure with the copper tip on cleansed and moisturized skin to allow ample slide. Using tender, upward and outward strokes, gently massage to move fluid toward the network of lymph nodes located next to the nose, by the ears, and along the jawline.

Pay extra attention to areas such as between your eyebrows, around the eyes, and other spots prone to puffiness and fine lines. 

Pro Tip!

Store your copper wand in the fridge or dip it in ice water before use for even better, cooling results.
Or keep one in your purse for a quick pick-me-up during the day!