LXMI was founded with sustainability at our core. Founded by a well-known social entrepreneur, we are partly-owned by a non-profit organization (Samasource.org) and source our primary ingredients from certified fair-trade and organic-suppliers.

Our environmental impact model has three principles:
  1. Biodiversity
  2. #GIVEWORK Conservation Incentives
  3. Waste Reduction and Re-cycling

The plant world has an astounding variety of species (over 400,000, to be precise); many scientists believe the true number is much higher than that. Sadly, 68% of these plant species are at risk of extinction due to the destruction of native habitats (mostly to make room for cattle grazing, industrial agriculture, logging and mining activity) and climate change.

LXMI works to protect rare plants by identifying how to use them sustainably in commercially-viable activities, generating an income that incentivizes local communities to care for plants. Biodiversity is critical to our well-being: imagine what incredible healing remedies may be lost when we cut down a forest before we can study it!

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#GIVEWORK Conservation Incentives

LXMI fights to promote biodiversity by creating conservation incentives — financial incentives for local communities to preserve wild plants and land — in partnership with fair-trade and organic-certified suppliers.

Our founder pioneered the #GiveWork concept: that work is the most powerful weapon against poverty. We believe the same applies to conservation.

Contrary to what some politicians say, conservation and human well-being are not at odds — wilderness is our most precious asset. Humans depend on wilderness for food, a mind-boggling array of plant medicines and active compounds, and for the sheer joy of experiencing the raw power of nature.

We believe that beauty is more than what you put on your face — it’s about how something is made, right down to how the people making it are treated. That’s why our suppliers work in partnership with local communities.

Waste Reduction and Re-Cycling

We hate plastic as much as you do. Seriously. 

Our initial collection was based on glass components, which posed a problem: it required a lot more fuel to ship around the world, and we received numerous customer complaints from glass breaking. We decided to use a combination of glass and recyclable (and post-consumer recycled) plastic, and to research fully compostable options for future product launches.

Some of our components come from pre-cycling vendors — those that collect unused jars and bottles from large manufacturing runs and offer them for sale instead of discarding them. These pre-cycled components reduce waste and can also be recycled at the end of their lives.

Have ideas for us? Please email hello@lxmi.com.