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Not yet. Unlike more traditional brands, we didn't want to launch a collection of formulas all at once; instead, we opted to focus on two signature formulas into which we invested time, testing, and support. The direction of the beauty industry is changing. It used to be that consumers would shop at department store counters, and purchase the complete regimen the sales representative recommended. Today, item-driven accounts such as Sephora and QVC, as well as internet-based sites, blogs, and reviews, have changed the game, and now we research on our own and customize our own routines across brands, sometimes even incorporating mass and prestige products into the same daily regimen.

That being said, if you are interested in a LXMI ritual, we are beyond flattered that you are compelled by our current offerings and our mission. We are diligently working on new formulas, and we will update you soon about future launches to help round out your passion for LXMI.

You are right that both LXMI products are moisturizing, so the choice isn't as obvious as a cleanser versus an eye cream. The ingredient that inspired our brand, Nilotica, is one of the most effective, natural moisturizers on the planet (see our clinical results), hence our debut formulas that offer this benefit (plus, we believe – along with many dermatologists – that moisture is the key to younger-looking skin, so it's a good place to start.)

To decide which formula suits your skin, first assess the condition of your skin, and your skincare needs. If you are über dry and looking for a restorative treatment to soothe, smooth, and illuminate your thirsty skin, Pure Nilotica Melt is right for you. It is almost the texture of a luxurious petroleum jelly, but it's a single, rare, organic ingredient, cold-pressed by Ugandan women who need to work. We recommend using it where needed (dry cheeks, around the eye orbitals, and on the lips are our favorite places), or all over the face before bed as a leave-on nighttime mask. You won't believe how juicy and plump your complexion seems upon waking in the morning.

If your needs are broader than just hydration, try our Crème du Nil as a daily moisture veil. Yes, it contains a very high percentage of Nilotica, but it also contains Hibiscus Flower Acids to exfoliate and minimize your pores, and Ugandan vanilla pods to provide potent protection against environmental aggressors. Whereas Melt feels substantial, like a buttery treatment, Crème feels pillowy and lightweight, making it perfectly blendable under makeup. Crème is also oil-free (although Melt is naturally non-pore-clogging as well), and it smells heavenly, thanks to a natural Aloe aroma. If you are looking for a product to delight your senses, Crème is the one for you.

Absolutely. If you are over 35, live in a dry or harsh climate, or if your skin is simply in need of major hydration (as well as gentle pore exfoliation and antioxidant protection), we think you will delight in the combined effects of our two hero moisturizers. Our favorite facial combination is the following:


  • LXMI Crème massaged into clean, dry skin, before makeup

  • LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt patted gently around the eyes and on lips, before makeup (allow to absorb for 1-2 minutes)


  • Either the same as AM, with the addition of cheek application of Melt, or Crème first, and then Melt all over as an overnight mask (silk pillowcases not recommended, but a small price to pay for the glow you will radiate when you awake)

Yes! LXMI Crème du Nil is formulated to blend beautifully with your favorite makeup products, including powder foundations. Use Crème as the last step in your daily skincare regimen for a dewy, youthful canvas for your makeup. LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt is more of a buttery texture, so use under makeup only if your skin is thirsty and will absorb the product within minutes, or if you are looking to achieve more of a glowy (v. matte) effect.

A trick of the trade for Melt: try mixing our formula with some of your drier makeup pigments, such as matte lip colors, lip pigments, and even eye shadows. Melt will make these products creamy and easy to apply, while preserving the shades you love.

We aren’t the only luxury skincare brand out there, nor are we the only natural brand. But we ARE the only luxury natural skincare brand impact sourcing pure, rare and deep ingredients from low income communities all over the world to make a meaningful difference in our producers’ lives. In a nutshell (a Nilotica shea one, naturally), your purchase of LXMI products helps end global poverty. LXMI products will work wonders for your skin, thanks to the superior qualities of our signature actives from unique terroir, and give work to women who desperately need employment opportunities to support themselves and their families.

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Our primary ingredient, Nilotica Reserve™, and our signature product, Pure Nilotica Melt, are both 100% USDA-certified organic.

None of our products (nor our ingredients) are tested on animals. We thoroughly test our products on ourselves before putting them through rigorous clinical testing as well. 

Please visit for more information on the source of our ingredients.

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Yes. As a natural brand, we aren't formulating with chemical emulsifiers and preservative systems, therefore our products may occasionally melt if left in the backs of hot delivery trucks, in the sun on porches, or in non-temperature-controlled environments in general. (Think of brand-name peanut butter v. a natural almond butter – the latter is clearly preferable from an ingredient standpoint, but its consistency isn't as, well, consistent.)

Additionally, our signature Nilotica has a low melting point (hence the name), so it can be susceptible to temperature changes. But don't worry! Even if one of our products seems to "melt" or liquify, it will return to its natural texture once in cool room temperatures for 12-24 hours. The efficacy will not be affected, and you can help it along by stirring with our custom wand and/or keeping in the refrigerator for a few hours.


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