AM/PM KIT (Value $86)

Meet all your moisture needs with a full-size Crème du Nil daily moisturizer and a full-size Pure Nilotica Melt healing balm.

Apply Crème du Nil on cleansed skin in the AM for a great base for makeup and supple moisture during the day. At night, seal in your skincare routine with a blueberry-sized dollop of the deeply nourishing Pure Nilotica Melt to promote cell turnover, accelerate healing, and enhance natural glow.

Say buh-bye to dry skin with this softening bundle! 

(Value $86) 


Squeeze out a small amount into your hands. Massage the Melt onto dry spots, focusing on face, lips and around the undereye area. For an especially nourishing treatment, apply a thin layer all over face as an overnight mask. You can even use it as an all-natural highlighter on your collarbone and décolletage, or light lip balm.




Clinical Results*:

100% demonstrated immediately brighter, more hydrated skin.
96% showed immediate improvement in visible fine lines and wrinkles.
96% experienced sustained skin hydration, 8 hours after applying.
86% still had more hydrated skin, even 24 hours after applying.

*24-hour, 28-panel test, Expert Graded Results



The copper-tipped applicator has two sides: one for scooping out the product (black, flat end) so you can distribute the right amount of product every time. The copper ball tip is for distributing the product across your face and décolletage, you'll find it provides a cooling and refreshing effect that stimulates the skin as you massage. We'd recommend specifically using it in the undereye area, to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness!

Absolutely! None of our products (nor our ingredients) are tested on animals and our ingredients are all vegan.

Even though it might feel rich, Nilotica is related to shea butter and is naturally anti-bacterial and non-comedogenic (meaning it won't clog pores). It is actually balancing and can help balance and clear up blemish-prone skin. Hope this helps! Thank you for your question.

A deeply nourishing overnight treatment to hydrate dry, damaged skin and smooth visible imperfections with 100 percent organic Nilotica Reserve™ from the Nile Valley.

The ultra-hydrating facial balm the Melt is 100% organic, cold-pressed Nilotica. The buttery formula melts instantly upon application, delivering fatty acids, allantoin, and vitamin A, E & K to hydrate, brighten, and protect skin—even reversing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

LXMI sources Nilotica from the pristine Nile River Valley in Uganda, where local women are known to have glowing skin despite the dehydrating climate. The rich, alluvial soil of this region lend a unique terroir to our key ingredient (Nilotica), earning it the distinction of Nilotica Reserve™.

Plant (olive) derived! Creme du Nil is a vegan formulation, like the rest of the line.

The Crème du Nil is formulated to be non-comedogenic (which is skincare lingo for a product that does not cause blocked pores). We added Hibiscus to further exfoliate and refine your pores, without irritating your skin.

- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- Gluten
- Oils
- Parabens
- Petrochemicals
- Triclosan
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes

We developed the formula with no artificial fragrance, sulfates, parabens, and other allergens specifically for people who have issues with most cosmetic formulas.

Pure Nilotica Melt is one of the safest skincare treatments to use during pregnancy and works great for moms. It's even so clean you can eat it, and we definitely recommend our delicious chocolate truffle recipe that includes raw Nilotica!

Massage the Melt onto your belly to help keep skin elastic during pregnancy, as a nipple cream for nursing mothers, or onto sensitive newborn skin to help with rashes and keep skin nourished.

I truly love LXMI products. I use the melt night and day, on face and body. I have recently begun to use the lip melt as well. These are wonderful, pure products with a social conscience that really deliver.

Age: 78

Susan Sarti
Retired School Teacher

For years, I've been searching for a good moisturizer that is organic and fragrance free and it is a blessing that I finally found LXMI products. I never break out and my skin is so hydrated.

Age: 33

Rosali Valdez
Administrative Accountant

LXMI products help my dry skin. I use it on my hands and it melts into my skin within seconds. The product is high quality an has a lovely scent. It's a touch of luxury for your skin care routine.

Age: 36

Vanessa Alonzo
Content Creator

"After discovering Nilotica, a rare ingredient sourced from the Nile River by beauty brand LXMI, I'm reconsidering my entire skincare philosophy. I'm just gonna say it: There is such a thing as a "miracle balm." And this is it. "

"Nilotica is the purest nut-based oil you can find, harvested exclusively from the 20-year-old trees that line the Nile River in an industrially untouched part of Africa. As a result, the nut maintains its purity and nutrients like essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and allantoin, an enzyme which promotes healthy cell development."

"A sustainable and philanthropic dream cream."

"Luxury products with a unique sense of place--a terroir, just like wine."

"Crème du Nil is unlike any cream you've tried. Not only does Crème du Nil repair dryness better than other moisturizers, it's every bit as luxe as La M**."

"This sustainable moisturizer laughs in the face of 12-hour days."

"A moisturizer that promises to target pores, texture, and even sticky fine lines thanks to hydrating squalane, shea butter, and glycerin."

"While it hydrates with natural nilotica, it’s also hard at work exfoliating your skin (and pores) with naturally derived hibiscus flower acids."

"My combo dry-oily skin also loved the hibiscus flower acids, which provide some genius, pore-refining exfoliation."

"When I tried it, my jaw dropped. Never before had my travel-ravaged skin looked or felt so smooth and plump."