Nourishing, Firming, and Protecting Multi-Use Intensive Healing Balm For Face and Hands.

The Single Ingredient Skin Superfood

The Melt is plant-derived, vegan, organic, cruelty-free, gluten-free, unscented, noncomedogenic, and dermatologist approved. It works wonders. 

The hybrid formula starts as a creamy balm, MELTS on contact with skin, and transforms into a luxurious oil.

The Melt is made from cold-pressed Ugandan Nilotica nuts, wild-harvested along a remote stretch of the Nile River. Related to the shea nut, Nilotica has a softer texture when cold-pressed and a superior nutritional density.

The region's unique soil biome yields pure Nilotica with uncommonly high concentrations of nutrient-rich bioactive compounds.

Nilotica deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin, promotes cell turnover, accelerates healing, and delivers powerful antioxidants, soothing Allantoin, and Vitamin A, E + K to protect against visible, premature signs of aging.

It contains 25% more essential fatty acids (critical building blocks of our skin to improve moisturization and boost healing) than traditional Shea butter.

The result is a smoother, brighter, revitalized complexion with improved elasticity and enhanced natural glow.

Social Impact

Through our partnerships with fair-trade women's cooperatives, your purchase gives dignified work to marginalized East African women who receive more than 3x the local living wages and are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty.

Furthermore, your purchase reduces deforestation as the local communities are given a financial incentive to preserve the natural resources, to helps protect animal habitat and combat climate change. 



Use as an intense moisturizer by rubbing a pea-sized amount of balm between your hands. Spread and work onto skin, paying close attention to dry patches.

As an ultra-rich overnight mask, spread a thin layer over your face after the last step in your evening routine to lock in the moisture while you sleep. Completely natural and 100% plant-based, it is the perfect petroleum-free alternative for slugging. The Melt is noncomedogenic - meaning it won't clog pores.

Gently massage the balm around the orbital bones to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Avoid applying directly to the eye lid. Use with the LXMI Copper Wand to help stimulate circulation.

Apply onto dry skin. Using a wash cloth, gently massage the balm in circular motions, lifting away dirt and impurities while removing makeup. Repeat if necessary.

Rub the Melt between palms and massage onto cuticles to repair and protect skin. Use throughout the day as needed.

Apply over your abdomen or to other areas where stretch marks are noticeable or prone to appear. Vertically massage the balm onto the skin. The Melt helps to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and prevent future stretch marks by making the skin healthy and elastic. It is safe for moms & babies and can also be applied as a nipple cream for nursing mothers.

Massage onto face and neck after shaving. The Melt is deeply nourishing and helps to soothe skin from post-shaving irritations such as razor burns or nicks.

Rub the balm between hands and apply onto facial hair. The Melt softens, moisturizes, and conditions your beard.

Use as a healing salve by gently rubbing the Melt onto affected areas. The anti-inflammatory properties of the Melt help to reduce redness and swelling. The deeply nourishing Nilotica softens dry spots, elbows, and parched skin. Essential fatty acids mend scars by retaining moisture during the healing process.

Prep the skin for an even canvas by massaging a very thin layer of the Melt underneath your makeup.

Squeeze a pea-size amount of the Melt and warm it in your hands. Apply to damp or dry hair ends. Do not rinse off. Style as usual.

Slather a thick layer of the Melt on your feet and put on a pair of socks. We recommend doing this in the evening so your feet can be deeply softened while you sleep.

Apply a small amount of Melt using your fingers or a brow brush after you've filled in your brows to keep the hairs in place.

Apply a small amount of the Melt to dry, chapped lips. Use as a base layer for lipstick or as a sleeping mask for deeper hydration.



Much of what we put on our skin gets absorbed by the body, so why put something on your body that you wouldn't want in your body?
The one-ingredient, organic skin superfood the Melt contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential Omegas, and is naturally anti-inflammatory, nourishing your body from within even when digested. Use in smoothies, in baking and cooking recipes, or in place of coconut oil. Click on the expandable recipe below for a delicious and healthy Nilotica treat!

Chocolate Bark Recipe


8 oz. dark chocolate, finely chopped
2 tbsp water
1/4 cup of LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt, warmed to soften
1/2 tsp of Almond or Vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt
1/4 cup chopped nuts, seeds, and/or coconut flakes (optional)

Over low stove-top heat, melt chocolate and water. Add Pure Nilotica Melt while stirring the mixture. Add the almond or vanilla extract and sprinkle in sea salt.
Other flavor variations such as lime zest, cinnamon, or chili flakes can be added at this point. Combine all ingredients well.

Transfer to a parchment lined baking dish and refrigerate until mixture is set. 
The chocolate bark can keep for up to 2 weeks refrigerated (but we doubt it'll last that long before it's been munched up!)


Please Note:

Our organic Nilotica Reserve™ is all-natural (unrefined, cold-pressed, and raw); you may experience texture variations from tube to tube. Occasionally, you may find microcrystals in the balm. Like imperfections in raw silk, they reflect the unprocessed nature of the Melt and do not impact product efficacy. These microcrystal will dissolve on your skin or can gentle be removed during application.

The consistency of the Melt changes with temperature. It melts in warmer conditions and becomes firmer in cooler conditions.

If you prefer the balm state, just reshape the tube and leave it in room temperature away from direct sunlight until it has solidified.

If your tube has stiffened, gently massage it between your hands as the warmth from your hands will help soften the formula. You may also gently run the tube under warm water. 
These variations are natural - the quality and product efficacy remain the same. 

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