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We sustainably source our rare botanical ingredients through women's fair-trade cooperatives, enabling our producers to earn at least 3x local wages.

We've built our supply chain via non-profit collectives. We believe that
fair-wage, dignified work is essential, and elevates our end product, creating a higher level of meaningful luxury for discerning consumers. Nothing gives a nicer glow than knowing you made a difference for someone else.

Including marginalized women in developing nations is critical when it comes to creating sustainable positive change. Research shows that women tend to reinvest about 90% of their paycheck into the health, education,
and well-being of their families and communities.
There simply is no better aid program than buying from women.

Rather than trying to solve issues such as childhood malnutrition and human trafficking downstream, giving underprivileged women access to sustainable economic opportunities and financial agency by earning living wages is key to ending some of the world’s most serious problems. Enabling our female producers to provide for themselves and their families is at the core of our Beauty for Humanity™ social impact mission.






Our Beauty for Humanity™ mission is not only centered around people, but also the planet. By caring for your skin, you can not only dignified give work to marginalized women in emerging markets, but also actively combat climate change.

In many of the regions we work in, deforestation is a massive problem. Biodiversity conservation is a growing concern around the world. As forests, trees, and natural resources are chopped down to make room for agriculture, cattle grazing, mining, logging and natural extractions, there is signficant negative impact on the environment. Animals lose their habitat, critical plant species are viped out and entire ecosystems are disrupted.

Many times it's a matter of survival for the local communities. When you have nothing else, leasing the land to a mining company can provide a crucial source of income. For example, before understanding the power of, and having access to sustainable means to export Nilotica nuts, many of the beautiful Nilotica trees in Uganda were chopped down to be sold as firewood for a dollar/day by the roadside.

By giving local communities a financial incentive to preserve the natural resources and showing them that they can make more money by sustainably cultivating the rare plants used in our products, together we can halt deforestation and preserve the biodiversity - all through the power of dignified work.

Furthermore, we make it a point to directly incorporate this environmental mission into our product line, to give modern consumers an innovative way to fight climate change through daily skincare habits. For example our LXMI 33 Face Oil project, created in partnership with environmental non-profit Conservation International and the indigenous Trio tribe of Suriname.

The project enables the protection of the sensitive region of south Suriname, powered by the sustainable, regenerative wild harvesting of Tuhka nuts, one of the main ingredients in the LXMI 33 Face Oil. The project enables the tribe, with the backing of Conservation International and the blessing of the Surinamese government, to protect 235,000 hectares of pristine Amazon rainforest, including wildlife. Furthermore, solar panels installed in the village to provide green energy, and ongoing, gender-inclusive education for the villagers are just some of the features of this holistic endeavor.

To better quantify the positive impact: 235,000 hectares covers approximately 132.7 million trees, which annually absorbs 2.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. That equals the annual greenhouse emissions from 628,699 passenger cars - every year!

Be part of making a difference. EVERY full-size bottle of LXMI 33 Face Oil enables the protection of approximately 4.8 football fields of Amazon rainforest - absorbing the carbon dioxide of an average car driven 97,787 miles. In our view, the protection of the environment does not have to be an afterthought, but can -and should!- be the driving force behind every business decision in the beauty industry and beyond.


From start to finish; from how our ingredients are sourced through to how your order reaches you, our #givework mission permeates every part of our company.
Did you know that when you order from, you’re not only helping to make a difference for marginalized women and their families in developing nations while preserving biodiversity to limit deforestation and fight climate change - but also give meaningful employment and work training for people with disabilities?

This through our partnership with a non-profit work-training community program currently supporting 476 people with various levels of physical and/or developmental disabilities through individualized work-training programs,
respite houses where families with children with disabilities can stay and get support, community events, housing, education, and a wide variety of supportive programs.

We’ve devoted the whole order fulfillment and warehousing part of our supply chain to this as we strongly believe that meaningful work is at the core of human well-being. Processing and packing an order might seem like an unassuming task, but the work readiness training program we’re part of tailors to the individual’s needs and level/type of impairment, gives that sense of pride and financial agency of earning a dignified paycheck, and empowers the individuals with the skills and confidence necessary for job success out in society. We’re so proud to support such a wonderful and difference-making program.

Imagine all the feel-good energy and multi-level positive progress that is loaded into your skincare routine!