By: Angela Cotellessa

When I became pregnant, my life changed. I wanted to do the best job at mothering possible, even before my little bundle of joy arrived. I stopped consuming alcohol and caffeine, and continued taking a carefully selected regimen of vitamins religiously.

I even stopped using chemicals wherever possible, whether on myself or in my environment. I stopped painting my nails, using air fresheners in my home and car, and I even began using all-natural toothpaste and cosmetics. Of course, I also ate as healthy as possible and exercised several times a week. Nine months later, my little girl, Lily, arrived safe and sound—and healthy—into our family.

Lily, pictured above, is now 18 months old. We live on the East Coast of the United States, and winters here have a tendency of drying out our skin. As a result, I turned to LXMI to help alleviate and treat my own dry skin. I have enjoyed using it all over my face, neck, and even on my lips, with great—and quick!—results. Now I plan to use it indefinitely, even when it’s not winter time, as it has become a trusted staple in my beauty and self-care regime.

When Lily’s facial skin started showing signs of dryness and irritation this winter, I approached treatment of her skin with the same caution that I used when I was pregnant with her. Since LXMI’s Pure Nilotica Melt contains only one ingredient, I can understand what’s in the jar and trust that it won’t hurt my baby as it comes from Mother Nature herself. While some other lotions have caused reactions on my child’s skin, LXMI never has. The Nilotica butter not only quenches my thirsty skin, but also my toddler’s.

The fun part is that Lily, who watches me apply the balm on my own face with the accompanying applicator, loves to use the wand on her face, too! She’s learning early to take care of her skin. I recommend this balm to other moms looking to use a high-quality, safe product whether on their own skin or their child’s. Lily agrees.

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