From start to finish; from how our ingredients are sourced through to how your order reaches you, our #givework mission permeates every part of our company.

Did you know that when you order from, you’re not only helping to make a difference for marginalized women and their families in developing nations while preserving biodiversity to limit deforestation and fight climate change - but also give meaningful employment and work training for people with disabilities?

LXMI's #Givework mission

This through our partnership with the non-profit ARC Herkimer, founded in 1969 and currently supporting 476 people with various levels of physical and/or developmental disabilities in upstate New York through individualized work training programs, respite houses where families with children with disabilities can stay and get support, community events, housing, education, and a wide variety of supportive programs.

Social impact skincare

We’ve devoted the whole order fulfillment and warehousing part of our supply chain to ARC Herkimer because we strongly believe that meaningful work is at the core of human well-being. Processing and packing an order might seem like an unassuming task, but the work readiness training program we’re part of tailors to the individual’s needs and level/type of impairment, gives that sense of pride and financial agency of earning a dignified paycheck, and empowers the individuals with the skills and confidence necessary for job success out in society. We’re so proud to support such a wonderful program and difference-making organization.

Imagine all the feel-good energy and multi-level positive progress that is loaded into your skincare routine!




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