"Give Work" by Leila Janah

“An audacious, inspiring, and practical book about how to drive meaningful change. Leila shows how it’s possible to build a successful business that lifts people out of poverty—not by giving them money but by giving them work. It’s required reading for anyone who’s passionate about solving real problems.”
—Adam Grant, author of Give and Take and Originals; coauthor (with Sheryl Sandberg) of Option B

Give Work by LXMI and Samasource's late founder Leila Janah describes how to use work, rather than aid, to address poverty in poor parts of Africa, Asia, and the United States.

Despite trillions of dollars in aid, 2.8 billion people worldwide still struggle in abject poverty. Yet the world’s richest countries continue to send money—mostly to governments—targeting the symptoms, rather than the root causes of poverty. We need a better solution.

Janah has tested various Give Work business models in all corners of the world. She shares poignant stories of people who have benefited from Samasource’s work, where and why it hasn’t worked, and offers a blueprint to fight poverty with an evidence-based, economically sustainable model.

This book shares lessons for social entrepreneurs and others looking to make a difference in their careers with practical, real-world examples.

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