LXMI's USDA-certified-organic Nilotica Reserve™ star ingredient is grown and harvested in lush, tropical Uganda, right by the Nile River. The same river that flows to the arid, desert lands of Egypt. But unlike most of Egypt, Uganda is not all desert. Near the famous river, it’s a rich oasis of Earth’s bounty with plush forests and pristine landscapes untouched by modernity.

It is here – in this rich, natural, biodiverse environment that challenges our preconceptions of Africa – where Nilotica Reserve thrives and develops its nutrient-rich structure. Nilotica’s ability to be a healing and vitamin infused ingredient relates to the pure soil in which it is grown.

In fact, Nilotica trees are enriched by the Nile River silt for 20 years before their seeds are ready to be cold-pressed into LXMI's potent, natural beauty product, which is clinically-proven to smooth visible fine lines and wrinkles. 

This beautiful part of the world gives us so many skin saviors; Nilotica Reserve™ is only the beginning. With each jar of Pure Nilotica Melt and Crème du Nil, LXMI aims to encapsulate just a bit of the pristine magic and elegance of the Ugandan landscapes. We hope you'll stick around and experience our discoveries to come.

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