We like to refer to our star ingredient, Nilotica Reserve™, as a butter. After all, the rich, creamy texture is reminiscent of many of your favorite kitchen staples. But, it’s time to reveal something nuts...Nilotica is not just a nut.

It is actually a tasty tree fruit native to East Africa. In fact, Nilotica is downright delicious! It tastes like a avocado-mango hybrid. And, biting into a freshly plucked Nilotica fruit is one of Leila’s favorite things to do when visiting our producers in Uganda.

Inside each Nilotica fruit is a little pit. (Just like an avocado!) Once the outer shell of the pit has been removed, we can extract the contents of the inner seed. By cold-pressing our Nilotica Reserve™ (the best quality, most nutrient-rich fruits available!) in temperate Uganda, we are able to gently alchemize this beautiful gift from nature and preserve its innate qualities.

And, when it comes to our Nilotica Melt, we really let the Nilotica shine. As a single ingredient superstar product, each Melt contains 50 Nilotica fruits, and that's it! Nature’s bounty at it’s finest. Bananas.

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