Here at LXMI nighttime skincare isn’t a chore; we revel in our routine. Mornings are often rushed to get out the door, but at night we can treat, relax, and take steps to wake up to better skin. We’ve recently discovered a Reddit community passionately dedicated to a PM skincare practice that we’ve been preaching since our start: SLUG LIFE.

No, it doesn’t involve invertebrates. Rather, it’s a reference to using an occlusive seal on the skin as the final step in an evening regimen. And it can change everything. To quote @smitha12345 in Reddit #SkincareAddiction:

“Remember the Slug Life! Just thought I would remind everyone that adding an occlusive, not just a "sleeping pack," but a real occlusive, can make a world of difference…The other night I finally remembered to add [this] as a final step, and OH MY GOD the next day my skin looked better than it had in I don't know how long. So seal your skin care in!”

Other Reddit community members say the same:

“Why did I leave it so long to try the slug life?! Makeup looks nice on me again! Thanks everyone! Embrace the slug!”
— @fluffy-ears
“Why did I leave it so long to try the slug life?! Makeup looks nice on me again! Thanks everyone! Embrace the slug!”— @fluffy-ears“I finally decided to take the plunge and slug up my entire face one evening before going to sleep. HO-LY CA-RAP. My skin had never felt so normal in the morning -- no tightness or dryness or peeling whatsoever. My poor, flakey, dehydrated skin had finally found its salvation.”
“Holy shit, the slug life works!”
— @forthebusintherain

    Now even bona fide beauty editors are taking notice. @chloe_metzger at Stylecaster posted an article last month saying, “The technique is called the slug life, and the skin-care experts (really; these guys eat, sleep, and breathe the many scientific facets of skin-care products) at Reddit’s Skincare Addiction are obsessed with it.”

    Here’s how you slug it up:

    Start by removing makeup and cleansing the skin. You’ve got to take off the glam. It’s equally important to remove daily impurities too. Properly cleansed skin helps all the products you use afterwards to fuel your skin. 

    We’re fans of using oil based makeup removers to thoroughly melt away everything from our daily foundation to waterproof mascara. You can even use pure botanical oils to skip the questionable mineral oil or petroleum based products found in many store bought makeup removers.

    After cleansing, exfoliate. Freshly exfoliated skin always feels amazing, and it can help with everything from acne to skin aging. Buttery soft skin? Sign us up. For a quick daily exfoliation, use a washcloth. The gentle exfoliation from the cloth should leave your skin feeling smooth, not overly scrubbed.

    Follow any exfoliation with balance to recalibrate skin’s pH level. A simple spritz of pure rosewater will do the trick! It makes sure your skin is in tip top shape before you bring out the big guns.

    Then onto targeted serums and treatments. It’s not just the icing on top for cleansed skin. These are the high powered concoctions that focus on your specific skincare needs. Serums can make a huge difference in skin texture, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, you name it, there is probably a serum to target it.

    Depending upon your serum or treatment, decide if you need a dose of hydration from a night cream. Layering up is a trusted technique in K-Beauty, and especially helpful if you have combination skin that is dry and oily at the same time.

    Now here’s the clincher: Slather your complexion with a seal. Preferably a thin layer of a rich, dewy, occlusive treatment that will lock in your other products. This is living the #sluglife, and it’s how in-the-know skincare gurus are helping clear acne, smoothing out problem areas, and waking up to younger-looking skin than they have in years.

    LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt is an ideal choice for slug lifers. Melt a dollop of the solid balm between your fingers, and when it becomes a silky oil, massage in everywhere. Include your eye areas and your lips. If you want to go the extra mile, massage the melted Nilotica Reserve™ fruit butter around your eye orbitals with the copper wand to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

    Other popular choices for living the slug life are petroleum jelly-based products and coconut oil, but the former raises some eyebrows about refined petrochemical purity, and the latter is a known comedogenic (pore-clogging) agent and a saturated fat. Nilotica is an organic, non-comedogenic monounsaturated essential fatty acid, so it ticks all boxes.

    Sealing in skincare with an occlusive product may feel juicy at first, but it will be well worth it when you see your reflection in the morning. Makeup will apply more smoothly, and you’ll feel more confident in your skin’s even texture. Some slug life tips: invest in a few inexpensive pillow cases to save your linens, and start your skincare routine a little earlier to allow for optimal absorption before you head to bed. And remember…you don’t choose the slug life. It chooses you.

    View full video instructions here:


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