We’ve preached using our Pure Nilotica Melt as your nighttime moisturizer from the very get-go of LXMI. Using the luscious fruit butter over our skin at night has done wonders for our dry and damaged skin, which is why we so strongly recommend it. But we get why some people hesitate – covering your skin in a silky balm-to-oil? Yeah, it can get a little shiny to say the least. It’s why the practice is called the slug life. Slug life may seem odd at first, we know, but it’s so easy and unbelievably effective.

Living your best #sluglife is pretty easy to do. You can follow our in depth nighttime skincare routine for the whole shebang. But the bare bones idea is to simply top off your skincare with a thick layer of an occlusive product, something like our Pure Nilotica Melt.

So why would you want to be a slug lifer anyway? It comes down to the results of finishing your skincare routine with an occlusive product. An occlusive in skincare works exactly the same as an occlusive bandage. They both cover the skin and prevent moisture loss, and for skincare it helps by preventing your targeted skincare from wearing off as you sleep. It literally seals skincare into your skin.

This means in the morning your skin will have soaked up all the benefits from your favorite treatments, and will be soothed, hydrated, and soft. It’s the whole reason we’re obsessed with the slug life.

Reddit contributor Redditorswife828 says about using an occlusive as a final step

“I do this every night before bed it is amazing when I wake up! Slug life for me.”

Another contributor abyssiniancatbird said

“I have really dry skin, so if I don't slug life unfortunately I just don't get the hydration I need.”

Fluffyears said

“Why did I leave it so long to try the slug life?!” and followed by saying “I've only done it for 2 days and I'm already loving it. Makeup looks nice on me again! Thanks everyone! Embrace the slug!”

Although the one thing with which we just don’t agree is the use of petrochemicals on the skin. Many slug lifers use petroleum jelly, and other mass produced synthetic occlusive agents in their slug life routine. We just can’t recommend it.

It isn’t ideal because synthetic materials can clog the skin, trapping wayward bacteria and even causing acne in some cases. We say instead of coating your skin in sketchy chemicals, opt for skin soothing Nilotica Reserve™ fruit butter instead. It’s better for you because it doesn’t just sit on your skin’s surface. Our Pure Nilotica Melt soothes stressed skin, hydrates, and imparts vital fatty acids and vitamins your skin craves at the end of a long day. That’s all alongside the benefits of sealing in your skincare with an occlusive.

We’ve recommended to use our star product as an overnight face mask basically forever. It’s really just another way to think about the slug life. You layer it on overtop of your skin and get a plump, ultra-hydrated look. If you aren’t used to using a night cream, it may feel weird at first, but we promise the results the next morning will make slugging it worth it.

Praise be the slug life.

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