Our Main Squeeze, Nilotica

Jun 02, 2017

We are beyond proud that word about LXMI is spreading. Our little brand with the difficult name is just now coming up for air after amassing a huge 13,000 person waiting list for samples with our rare signature ingredient.

 W Magazine recently said our main squeeze, Nilotica Reserve™, is “the anti-aging ingredient you’ve never heard of that will transform your skin”. Byrdie even called it the “African version of coconut oil” because it’s an ultra-moisturizing multi-tasker.


But as much as we want to take all the credit for being skincare savants (ha!), we need to give credit where it’s due, to Nilotica Fruit Butter. This stuff is GOLD. It is why LXMI exists!

We could go on and on about its luscious texture, pure, organic ingredients, and dermatologist-verified efficacy (all true, by the way). But, to boil it all down, Nilotica Reserve™ is nature’s answer to the widely used and potentially-carcinogenic petroleum jelly.

Nah, it’s not just an answer. It’s a mic-drop.

Nilotica Fruit Butter one-ups synthetic moisturizers at every point. The texture is beautiful. It imparts the vitamins and essential fatty acids your skin craves. It’s proven to hydrate and brighten skin in 100% of testers. And Nilotica helps to soothe symptoms of skin conditions like eczema and sensitivity. Nilotica actually nourishes your skin. It’s anything but a temporary fix. Plus, it helps support war widows in East Africa who need work opportunities to support their families.

Nilotica Fruit Butter one-ups synthetic moisturizers at every point. The texture is beautiful.

We use a version of Nilotica Fruit Butter called Nilotica Reserve™, which is 100% USDA-Certified Organic. It’s also hyper-hydrating because it has 25% more essential fatty acids than traditional beauty oils. These fatty acids replenish your cells and give you a youthful glow. Nilotica Reserve™ also contains Allantoin, which encourages cell turnover to give life to dull skin, and Vitamin A to help support collagen, which reduces the look of fine lines.

We use a version of Nilotica Fruit Butter called Nilotica Reserve™, which is 100% USDA-Certified Organic.

For the most concentrated and potent dosage, check out our star product, Pure Nilotica Melt. It’s the pure butter of 50 Nilotica Reserve™ nuts cold-pressed into our favorite skin savior. To enjoy the benefits of Nilotica in a lighter texture, discover the Crème du Nil. Our crème is still chock full of Nilotica Reserve™ to make sure your skin stays hydrated, supple, and glowing around the clock.

We include Nilotica in both our products because it’s so effective. In an expert graded clinical trial, 96% of testers showed that Pure Nilotica Melt achieved an instant improvement in fine lines and skin smoothness. Even after 24 hours, 86% of our trial still had hydrated skin. So not only is Nilotica making skin better over time, it gives the instant gratification we all want.


Speaking of immediate results, we recently launched an initiative that overwhelmed us, well, immediately! After launching our free trial program, we quickly amassed a whopping 13,000 orders of our samples to try at home. For a brand that launched less than a year ago, that’s a lot of LXMI love.

We enjoy scrolling through the reviews to see all the reasons people love Nilotica. Some say it’s the soothing benefits. Others can’t get enough of the healing properties for dryness, rosacea, and eczema. And, of course, there’s the users who see smoother lines in the mirror.

But for us, the real win is knowing the difference this awesome ingredient can make in the world. Not only does it work as a replacement for dubious synthetic moisturizers, but it’s also a means for poverty alleviation in a community that desperately needs opportunities for women.

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