We love a lengthy skincare routine at night, topped off with our favorite Pure Nilotica Melt to seal it all in. Doing these nightly occlusive masks gained the amusing moniker of living the slug life due to the ultra hydrating if not somewhat slippery effect of our silky moisturizer. We do realize though that a nightly slug life routine isn’t for absolutely everyone. Using a nightly moisturizer is critical to having happy skin, but so is understanding how much hydration your skin really needs.

Oily skin sufferers and combination skin types rejoice! We’ve got the solution so you too can slug it up, without stifling your skin.

Did you know many people suffer with oily skin as a reaction to dehydration? Just think about the last time you took a long flight. The cold recycled air dries out your whole body, but you probably left with an oily T-zone, right?

It’s because your body was in overdrive to keep your skin supple and hydrated. A busy lifestyle, travel, pollution, and even using a harsh face wash can bother skin into becoming oilier than you would like. Other factors like hormones and diet can cause oily skin as well. If, on the other hand, you have consistently combination skin, we hear you too! Your skin doesn’t want more oil where it’s already oily but you also have pesky dry spots to deal with.

In cases like these we suggest skipping the whole face slug fest and instead doing what we like to call selective slugging. It’s a lot of fun, we promise.

Selective slugging takes a little reflection about what your skin needs, but should give you the perfect balance of hydration. Unlike a standard slug life night time skincare routine you shake up the last step of applying moisturizer into two parts.

We know we’ve said it before, but everyone needs to use a high quality moisturizer. All. Year. Long.

After you’ve completed your whole skincare routine but before heading in with our favorite occlusive, the Pure Nilotica Melt, apply a thin layer of a lighter moisturizer all over your face and neck. The olier your skin, the less moisturizer you should put on at this step.

May we recommend using our Creme du Nil? It has the same high quality Nilotica Reserve™ Fruit Butter just in a lower concentration than our Pure Nilotica Melt. It’s a lighter weight version perfect for oily skin that still needs a dose of moisture. We also love it for acne prone skin because we formulated it with exfoliating hibiscus flower acids and soothing, anti-inflammatory Ugandan vanilla.

After topping up moisture levels with a light cream, then you can head in with your thicker occlusive. This is when you need a little knowledge on your skin’s needs. We like to apply a few dots of our Pure Nilotica Melt over drier areas of the face like the cheeks, around the eyes, and the corners of the mouth. You can also slather it all over your nose in cold season, trust us that’s a game changer.

When it comes to selective slugging you pick and choose the areas of your face that need the extra moisture and sealing power from an occlusive product. This makes it totally unique for everyone!

You’ll get all the benefits of our Pure Nilotica Melt where you especially need it, without going overboard on all of your skin. This way you’ll always wake up with happy, balanced skin.

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