Coconut Oil: Best in Moderation, Balanced with Nilotica

Jul 05, 2017

We’re pretty sure that most people don’t stop to think about their heart health when picking a nighttime moisturizer. It sounds pretty unrelated, right? In reality our skin is our largest organ, which makes the products we apply topically quite important. This is especially true for slug lifers, a hilariously-named group who wear thick moisturizing balms all night long.

Recently the American Heart Association brought to light the negative effects of the world’s obsession with coconut oil. It was so long lauded as a healthy oil choice (and was the focus of many a pinterest board). But, unfortunately, it’s not always the best oil to use when you are health conscious or want beautiful clear skin. The babes at Man Repeller even called the oil a “dastardly fraud”. Yikes.

It’s all down to those pesky saturated fats. Coconut oil is high in saturated fats that raise your LDL (bad cholesterol). This has a negative impact on your overall health because LDL collects in your blood vessels leaving you more prone to blockages and even heart attacks.

And we totally know what you are thinking: They’re talking about eating coconut oil, not using it on your skin. We know! But did you know about half of the products you put on your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream?

It’s kind of scary stuff. It’s one reason why we’re so picky about the products we use when we slug it up. The longer it sits on your skin (like overnight!), the more your skin can absorb.

Coconut oil has a tiny molecular structure. It’s one of the reasons it feels so hydrating. It can easily penetrate through the shaft of your hair and just as easily penetrate through your skin. Although you don’t really need to worry about the absorption adding to your waistline, the harmful effects of saturated fat and “bad cholesterol” are not to be messed around with.

And if that doesn’t seal the deal let’s just cover the fact that coconut oil is fairly high on the comedogenic scale. Which, in a nutshell, means it is probably going to clog your pores, which can lead to acne. Needless to say, not for everyone.

LXMI Nilotica Reserve™ fruit butter is a fantastic alternative: non-comedogenic (so won’t clog pores), and it doesn’t have the negative effects of saturated fats. It’s a monounsaturated fat, much like olive oil, which is much better for your overall health.

So whenever we live the slug life (which, let’s be serious, it is basically every night) we opt for our Pure Nilotica Melt. It’s a silky balm to oil that is supremely hydrating, while giving the occlusive benefits of sealing in our skincare.

We feel safe trusting our 100% pure Nilotica fruit butter because it won’t contribute to scary levels of LDL, won’t clog our skin, and we always wake up with a happy, hydrated face. 

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