We blushed a little when we heard that Melanie of OverGlow Edit counts Nilotica Melt as one of her top three favorite moisturizing products. The skincare aficionado says our balm-to-oil not only gives her skin "a serious glow," but will also be her "winter skin savior" this year.  Read her full review below:

"If I were to rank these masks in terms of levels of moisturizaton, the LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt* would be top of the heap. Technically this is a hydrating facial balm and can be used during the day as needed, but I like to use it as an overnight treatment since it is quite a rich consistency.

The melt is made up of a single ingredient, 100% organic vitellaria nilotica fruit butter, and the texture of it is quite soft and creamy in the jar. I only use a tiny amount since a little goes a long way, and once it hits your skin it immediately melts down into beautiful oil.

This product hydrates and moisturizes, while giving my skin a serious glow. I can see where over-applying might cause congestion, but using it sparingly has worked great for me and never given me issues! This will be my winter skin savior."

-Melanine of OverGlow Edit

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