We were shocked when we read The New York Times and learned of the new policy changes at the E.P.A. regarding toxins. While we respect the organization's mission to bolster industry, we fear that these changes will negatively impact our environment and health. 

Both citizens and businesses need to be on our guard in the coming months. We must all bring a sense of intention to the products we put on our bodies. After all, as a result of our skin's porous nature, everything we apply on our exterior is absorbed into the body. 

At a time when so much is in flux, we are proud to offer an alternative to the chemicals and additives that are on the market. As an eco-beauty brand we believe in pure, natural products that not only improve the appearance of your skin, but are also safe enough to eat. 

As a 100% organic single-ingredient skin savior, our Pure Nilotica Melt is a miracle salve. 

It is one product, with one ingredient, ethically sourced and produced, with more than one use. Pure Nilotica Melt can be the only product in your beauty cabinet or the only thing in makeup bag as it removes makeup, hydrates the skin and eye cream, soften cuticles, smooths your hair’s dry ends, and also rejuvenates the skin when applied as overnight mask. Now isn’t that something? 

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