By now, we all know that bacteria and is the cornerstone of good gut health. But, how about the connection between healthy bacteria and beautiful skin? Didn’t know one existed? We were shocked too. Since the word bacteria has such a bad rap, we wanted to challege the stigma and tell you why these clusters of single-celled microorganisms (i.e. another word for the ominous sounding bacteria) are a necessary component to gorgeous skin.

Just as your gut has a microbiome, so too does your skin! The microbiome is a collection of microorganisms in a particular place. And, just as one would expect, the gut microbiome differs from the skin's. We like to think of the microbiome as an ecosystem of little, friendly critters that help your body to maintain optimal health. However, with frequent washing, harsh cleaners, and the onslaught of daily pollutants, the natural flora present on our skin starts to suffer. And when this happens, our skin reacts. Dull, flaky skin, acne breakouts, eczema, and more conditions all link back to an unbalanced microbiome.

A healthy microbime includes a diverse array of bacteria, and the best way achieve an optimal microbiome is to preserve the existing bacteria on your skin. Sounds simple, right? Essentially, we’re talking about saying goodbye to antibacterial products and over-washing (yes, your skin can be too clean). Instead, turn to clean skincare products that promote the ideal bacteria on your skin. Unlike the harsh, overly chemical tinctures created in a sterile lab, plant-based organic products feed the microbime and help the good bacteria on your skin to flourish.

As a single-ingredient product, our Pure Nilotica Melt is a rich balm-to-oil harvested from the Nile River’s Nilotica Fruit Butter. Cold-pressed in temperate Uganda versus refrigerated lab conditions, our 100% organic moisturizer doesn't lead to breakouts because 1) it is non comedogenic (meaning it won't clog pores), and 2) it preserves your skin's balance vis-a-vis its microbiome. Massage the silky butter into your complexion and watch how quickly your skin absorbs the nutrients from the Nilotica nut. Your microbiome will thank you.

  • Yes! I am a believer. I am 36 and have suffered from adult acne and Nilotica Melt has cured my acne. My skin looks healthy and nourished. Love it!

    Jenny on

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