We thought we’d share some skincare tips for the athletes (and aspiring athletes!) in our community. From yoga to surfing to kickboxing, check out the tips below to care for your skin while pursuing your passion.


If your sport of choice involves the water, we don’t need to tell you that chlorinated pools or salty seas dry out your dermis. While water is incredibly good for our brains and bodies (don’t believe us? Check out the book Blue Mind and arm yourself with fun facts about the benefits of blue time), it’s critical to hydrate before and after, and to use a sunscreen that resists water.

Our founder, a frequent kitesurfer and ocean sports enthusiast, recommends #1 EWG-rated Raw Elements Sunscreen. She couples this with a chic sun-protecting bodysuit like Mott50’s SPF50 line. We’re working on a collaboration with this brand — stay tuned! 


It’s critical to cleanse your skin before a workout if you’re wearing makeup — many makeup products contain pore-clogging ingredients and irritants that will cause breakouts after a good sweat. For an easy cleanse, use the same product as your post-workout hydrator: Pure Nilotica Melt in a tube.

If you’re avoiding the water and running, rowing, or otherwise sweating outside, you’ll still need a good, water-resistant sunscreen. For added protection, layer on a mineral powder sunscreen like Colorescience over your normal SPF, and reapply if you’re sweating it off frequently. We also strongly recommend wearing a hat and long-sleeved sun shirt with SPF — we’re fans of chic eco-leggings by Teeki.

Following water and any sun exposure, our Pure Nilotica Melt in a tube works as a cleanser after-sun balm that intensely hydrates, healing burned skin and preventing further moisture loss with no additives or chemicals that can cause a reaction. 

Make sure to use a non-irritating product after sun and water exposure, particularly if your skin has already been exposed to chemicals like chlorine. For your body, try the ultra-hydrating Body Velour formula, made with Nilotica as well as Mongongo and Marula oils to restore moisture on especially dry areas, like knees, shins, and elbows.


After a gym workout, you’ll need to hydrate (particularly in winter, when indoor heating systems suck moisture from the air), but generally with a lighter moisturizer as we tend to keep sweating post-exertion. Here, we recommend our travel Crème du Nil for your gym bag, and Body Velour as a luxe moisturizing balm for the body after showering. The subtle, essential-oil based scent means you don’t need to apply additional artificial fragrance while your body is recovering from a tough workout.

As always, the best skin tips have nothing to do with products, but with your overall health: before and after workouts, drink plenty of water and eat clean!

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