August, the hottest month of the entire summer season, is well underway. During this time skincare can feel like a hassle. We dream of hydrated, glowing skin but, with temperatures occasionally reaching the triple digits, emollient skincare can take a bit of a backseat. Nonetheless, with a few easy tips and tricks, perfectly dewy (never sweaty!) skin is more than achievable.

If you want to maintain glowy, touchable skin during the day, layer up at night. Luminous summer skin begins with maintaining a consistent nightly regimen. In fact, summer is the perfect time to introduce the “slug life” ritual into your bedtime routine. Right before you go to sleep, seal in all of your skincare products with an occlusive balm and wake up to flawless, hyper-hydrated skin that can forgo thick products and makeup in the morning.

While frequent beach days and outdoor events are the hallmarks of the summer season, these activities can also lead to sensitive, slightly red skin.

Not only does the sun dry out your complexion, but a little know fact: sun protection does too! Applied post sun exposure, our Pure Nilotica Melt rehydrates the skin while also acting as a soothing balm.

Lastly, before bedtime, keep your skin feeling cool by spritzing your pillow with an essential oil mist . This practice will not only encourage relaxation but also deeper sleep. And, even though it's obvious, l et’s not forget the importance of hydrating from the inside out. Because your skin’s water loss peaks at night, drink a glass of water right before sleeping and first thing upon waking to hydrate the skin.

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