Just as we approach business holistically, weaving our #givework mission into every facet of our business model, at LXMI we view beauty and well-being as so much more than simply looking good. When you feel good on the inside, and your body and your being are in harmony, it shows. It’s no secret that what you put in and on your body have a tremendous impact on your overall health. 

Synthetic, petroleum-based, chemical products often act as a short-term approach to create a splendid canvas, temporarily blocking whatever imbalance might be happening on the inside. But the skin is a critical piece in the body’s detoxification process, and the body can begin to override that blockage.

Perhaps you relate: your skin looked great for a while, but now you start to experience some breakout, the skin starts to feel tight and itchy, and/or your complexion doesn't have the same glow as you initially saw. You find yourself in a negative loop of needing more and/or harsher products to keep that pretty canvas clear and intact.  

Skin barrier repair LXMI clean beauty

Helping the body heal is a patient but very doable process. We need to approach wellness with a long-term, holistic perspective. Feeding our bodies and skin the wholesome nutrition it needs and supporting the system with things that don’t disrupt hormones, mess with the skin’s lipid barrier, or unsettle that balance the body is constantly working towards.

LXMI healing botanicals

Leaning on the power of Mother Nature with gentle but potent medicinal plants and botanical ingredients help your body and skin to rebalance and reveal that most radiant, healthy you. 

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