Just a quick update to say that I am SO GRATEFUL for your sweet messages and support. I am doing ok and focused on beating this thing! In other news, I started shedding hair with a vengeance that matches Cousteau (my dog), and finally tried some new hairdos after 30 years of the same old mane.

I have to say being hairless after a lifetime of spending too much on hair removal is surreal. Also, if any of you or your loved ones have to battle sarcoma, I can’t say enough good things about the people at Sloan Kettering — angels among us. My nurse the other day told my roommate’s mom: “Oh, honey. Put that down. I am the one who is here to work! Your job is to love.” And then she proceeded to give Cousteau a belly rub.

I’m going to return to no posting for a while to focus on health — no news in my case means that I’m off cuddling my pup, snuggling my man, forcing myself not to check work emails too much, or doing weird plant healings.

Love to all of you and my immense gratitude to everyone who has reached out and sent healing vibes.


  • You first caught my attention on Linkedin with one of your posts. You became my role model as I learned more about your work. Here I am today today beautiful Leila, weeping my eyes out even though I have never met you. I will do everything to keep your legacy alive, my beautiful Laila. May your soul rest in peace.

    Markhabo El Nasser on

  • Leila,

    I have reevaluated everything in my life because of you. I knew you in New York and Boston circles before your death and appreciated you then.

    Upon hearing of your death I have looked at your life story and reevaluated mine.
    You are truly an inspiration to me. I love and miss your spirit and mission. You truly were different and a kind beautiful soul.



    Jason on

  • May her beautiful Soul rest in eternal peace.

    Roselyne Kaduki on

  • You left a legacy that will affect generations to come. May you be loved, may you be well and may you be at peace.

    Joanna on

  • To all the people that you loved, how fortunate to have you in their lives. I wish that I could have crossed your path.

    Sherry Dyal on

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