How epic is this view of the Nile, taken from a bush plane in Uganda? You all know us for our ethical sourcing of Nilotica, which employs over 30 local women and preserves tens of thousands of hectares of wild Nilotica trees in the Nile River Valley. But our newest product, LXMI 33, has an even deeper impact: we are preserving 230,000 hectares (1 hectare = 1 football field) of virgin Amazonian rainforest in partnership with Conservation International and the Trio indigenous community of southern Suriname! 

Conservation International is a non-profit organization that works to protect ecosystems, biodiversity and the well-being for all.

This landmark agreement not only improves the livelihood of the people in the Alalapadu community, but it also helps save the planet’s largest reserve of rare plants, essential to our future. With our collective efforts, we are able to preserve the remaining Amazon rainforest. Every bottle or jar of LXMI sold creates jobs preserving humanity’s greatest asset: wilderness. 

Our respect for the environment extends beyond mother nature and what goes into the bottle. We are also deeply committed to sustainable sourcing and creating a positive social impact in our work.

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