As an amendment that was first introduced into the United States in 1878, the resolution for National Women’s Equality Day was only just passed in 1971. Yet, women were fighting for equality before 1878, and we're still fighting today. Female empowerment is a work in progress, and at LXMI​, our 'work' has only just begun.

The women behind LXMI's signature ingredient, Nilotica Reserve, ​are fearless individuals. Almost all of them are war widows and mothers. As the backbone of LXMI, they harvest, produce, and export our ​clinically-proven rare ingredients by hand. More importantly, these women are able to take ownership ​over their lives, as they earn at least 3x the​ average​ local wage​. Who then reinvest 90% of their paycheck into health, education, and housing for their children and communities.

We don't view supporting these efforts as charity; it's much more than a hand-out. ​These women ​aren't interested in being passive beneficiaries. ​They want to lift themselves up with dignity, creating their own opportunities for equality ​through work. It's been proven that when women earn incomes, the impact on the community at large is impressive, as women invest in their children, sisters, friends, ​and community before themselves.

Skincare and women's equality may seem like disparate topics, but with LXMI, you have the opportunity to connect them. ​The women behind your skincare are powerful females​,​ and with each purchase of a LXMI product​,​ you are helping to go beyond charity to #givework. Our products represent beauty in action, for all involved, every step of the way. After all, beauty is more than just skin deep.

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