Our favorite part of winter (other than over indulging in warm beverages!) is skiing. Escaping the monotony of your day-to-day with a weekend ski trip to Aspen, Vail, or your favorite local spot, is the perfect way to embrace winter. As invigorating as ski trips can be for the body and soul, they pose a few problems for the skin. In particular, one’s face as the body is protected from the elements. Here are a few of our favorite ways to protect one’s face while enjoying ski season.

Start your skin prep in the evening.
The night before you depart for the slopes, give your skin a head start by stimulating the skin’s moisture barrier. The best way to do this is to complete your nightly routine and then apply a nighttime mask, à la Pure Nilotica Melt. As you smooth the balm into your fingers and massage it into your complexion, you’ll find a layer of silky oil on your face which will act as an occlusive to seal in moisture. This is not the time to be stingy with your products! The more of the organic, single-ingredient Pure Nilotica Melt you smooth into your skin, the more moisture your skin is able to retain.

Combat the Winds All Day Long
The windy, cold conditions of the slopes will drain your skin of moisture and to prevent dry, red, and wind-burnt skin, layer your moistures in the AM. Start with the pillowy soft texture of Crème du Nil as an initial layer of hydration and follow up with Pure Nilotica Melt right before you leave the comfort of your room. The Melt will act as a shield against the onslaught of gusty winds that will greet you.

Applying a heavy-duty moisturizer once a day though is not enough to combat Mother Nature. By carrying a travel size of Pure Nilotica Melt you will be able to reapply at lunch and whenever needed. The lightweight, plane friendly travel size of the Melt is a slim tube of moisture which can easily fit into the pocket of your ski gear without feeling bulky.

Don’t Forget Your Lips
Your lips need moisture just as any other part of your body! Apply lip balm and follow up with layer of Nilotica Melt. And, be sure to drink water to keep your lips from getting dry.

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