We are deeply saddened to announce that Leila Janah, LXMI Founder and CEO, passed away last night due to complications from Epithelioid Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. She was 37 years old.

Leila Janah Bio

Leila spearheaded a global impact sourcing movement and was a champion for environmental sustainability and ending global poverty. She was the founder and CEO of three organizations, all with a common mission to “Give Work”; Samasource, a global technology leader in training data annotation and machine learning validation; LXMI, a fair-trade, organic skin care company; and Samaschool, a non-profit focused on reskilling for the new economy.

​Her commitment to creating a better world was unparalleled. The ripple effects of her work will be felt for generations. We are all committed to continuing Leila’s work and to ensuring her legacy and vision is carried out for years to come.

We will miss Leila's infectious laugh, her tenacious spirit, and her ability to inspire all she encountered to be a force for good in the world. Our deepest sympathies extend to Leila’s husband, Tassilo, her stepdaughter, her family, and her friends. 

With love,
The LXMI Family

More information to come.

  • I am profoundly affected and my thoughts are with Leila’s friends, family and colleagues.
    Leila is the reason I launched my own business, we met once in Paris and she has been my silent mentor for several years. She has unleashed a force and a vision that can change the world. An inspiration as a woman, entrepreneur and kind hearted human being.
    You will be missed Leila, but you have left us with a powerful legacy. Thank you.

    Nathalie on

  • There is no one that has inspired my journey more than Leila – her concepts in “Give Work” shaped my perspectives on how to make a global impact, and her brands proved it was possible. She was undoubtedly my hero, and it’s hard to process how such a force of light could be taken right in the midst of her world changing work. I know that the lessons she taught us all will propel us forward to give work, and to end global poverty. Thank you Leila for all of the beauty and impact you created during your time here, your ability to live fully in adventure and purpose will always inspire me to make the most of the time given here.

    Lauren Shipley on

  • May she rest in piece and my condolences to her family. I followed her on LinkedIn and was aware that she was I’ll. The last photo I saw of her, she had a shaved head, but still showed her beautiful radiant smile. Brilliant and beautiful!

    Dennis Hurshman on

  • A huge loss

    Shirley Gail Hirst on

  • I never knew about this brand or about Ms. Janahs mission until I read the sad news online. As a previous sales rep in the Natural Health and Wellness Industry, I am incredibly sadden to know you have lost a champion and leader in the industry. I just ordered product in support of her/ your mission and shared it with my likeminded friends. I cannot wait to try them and hope to continue to support your cause. I am deeply saddened knowing we all lost a champion for the environment and most of all, humanity. God Bless you all. <3

    ELizabeth Carper on

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