LXMI, pronounced “luxe-me,” was founded by the late Leila Janah when she discovered Nilotica in a market in Uganda and was simply amazed at what the buttery mix did to transform her dry, sun-baked skin. The moisturizing properties of the concoction were like nothing she had ever seen or heard of before. 

LXMI then sourced its Nilotica Reserve, an exclusive type of the butter, that is only made from the best class of nuts from the plushest parts of the Nile River Valley.

Its differentiating characteristics are the fact that it contains over 25% more essential fatty acids than regular shea butter to deeply moisturize skin, its intensely nourishing high vitamin A, E, and antioxidant content, and the indulgent, naturally soft texture even in raw form - compared to traditional West African shea, which requires emulsifiers and additives to be spreadable.

In our brand, LXMI, we show our commitment to customers by staying true to three tenets.

First, we only use the rare botanical ingredients found in unique regions around the world. For example our signature ingredient, pure Nilotica. Second, our products are ultra-clean, cruelty-free and clinically effective with ingredients that are pure, natural, organic, and safe enough to eat.

Lastly, beyond simply providing charitable funds, our brand's Give Work mission has given women of the Uganda area and beyond a sustainable source of income. We provide marginalized East African women the opportunity to find high-paying, dignified work harvesting, producing, and exporting Nilotica. Our female producers earn three times the local living wages.

By enabling mothers and young women to earn a solid income through the fair-trade women's cooperatives we work with, we strive to eliminate the area's most serious issues, from human trafficking to childhood malnutrition. Furthermore, by giving the local communities a financial incentive to preserve the biodiversity in the region, we can also limit habitat loss for wildlife and halt deforestation and desertification to combat climate change. 

This is our commitment, and we strive to be the best skin care brand focusing on social impact day in, and day out. In fact, CNBC called us "The Chanel of Social Impact." 

Our eyes are on Beauty for Humanity, and with your help, we can make you look good, and do good for the world.  


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