The Copper Wand
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The Copper Wand

Double-ended skincare tool to keep your products fresh and to help improve circulation.

A signature LXMI element, this iconic copper and black application wand elevates your skincare experience to a new level of luxury. Scoop out your desired amount of product with the black end, and use tool to dot product around your face, focusing on the areas that need the most moisture. After massaging and pressing product into facial skin, flip over the wand to the copper side to address any areas with discoloration or puffiness. Especially when cool from the refrigerator, the material and shape of this tool helps stimulate circulation for an even, beautiful appearance. We love the results around the eye orbitals, jawline, and even sinuses on stuffy days.

Consistent use of this tool instead of your fingertips will keep your LXMI product fresh without the need for potentially hazardous preservation agents.


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