Niacinamide, with its natural form Vitamin B3, has gained popularity in skincare formulations - and rightfully so. Vitamin B3 is a multi-correctional powerhouse that addresses a wide range of skincare concerns, from uneven skin tone, dull complexion, to loss of elasticity.

Doing so without irritating, it is suitable for people with rosacea, eczema, and sensitive skin. As it also helps to recalibrate the skin's natural oil production, it is a favorite among people dealing with breakout-prone skin and acne-related hyperpigmentation. 

Dark spot corrector and glow-getter

While acne-related hyperpigmentation (the dark patches that remain after a blemish has healed) frequently occurs in breakout-prone skin, general hyperpigmentation is common in all skin types. While typically harmless, hyperpigmentation can occur as an unwanted side effect of factors such as for example hormonal changes and sun exposure. Persistent inflammation can further intensify melanin production, leading to increased rates of age spots, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. While hyperpigmentation can fade over the years, many turn to Vitamin B3 to help with addressing patchy skin tone and sunspots.

An efficient hyperpigmentation fighter, by blocking melanin pigment from reaching the skin cells in the epidermis, Vitamin B3 helps to reduce uneven skin tone and prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation.

It furthermore boosts natural radiance by increasing the levels of ceramides in the skin, which in turn helps the skin to retain moisture levels and elasticity. Deeply calming and soothing, Vitamin B3 is a gentle yet powerful component of a well-balanced skincare routine. 

The benefits of Vitamin B3, the natural version of niacinamide

Natural sources of Vitamin B3

To add Vitamin B3 to your skincare lineup, certain plant oils such as Borage, Baobab, Chia seed, and Black Cumin oil
are natural sources rich in this extraordinary bioactive compound.

You find these, and 29 more nutrient-dense botanical ingredients, in the Allure "Editors' Favorite": the LXMI 33 Face Oil.


LXMI 33 Face Oil for radiant skin

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