The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The most romantic day of the year is here: Valentine’s Day. The celebration of love and beauty is something that we are more than willing to get behind. After all, we exist to engage women around the world, from our customers to our harvesters and producers, in a way that creates lasting beauty for all involved. At LXMI we do that by creating products that stand by our Clean Beauty Code and support your skin both externally and internally. As about 60% of what you put on your face goes directly into your bloodstream, we want to make sure the ingredients in our products are only those that increase one’s beauty rather than negatively impact one’s health.

Beauty is more than just the contents of your beauty cabinet though. Beauty is how you treat yourself, but also how you treat others. That is why we are committed to paying our harvesters in Uganda up to 3x the local wage. Work will be and is at the core of human dignity. It is an honest and reliable work that brings beauty to our harvesters in Uganda. From saying thank you and holding the door open for others to supporting businesses whose practices align with your values, we can all work together to create a more beautiful word.

And, whether you’re celebrating this day of love with a significant other or with your gal pals, it’s time to shower your nearest and dearest with impactful, thoughtful gifts from brands that are making a difference in the world. Say goodbye to the usual suspects of flowers and chocolates and read on to discover the perfect gift for all the loved ones in your life.


Brother Vellies: The Stamped Croc Stell Mule

Founded by Toronto born, New York City-based Aurora James, Brother Vellies is a fashion-forward shoe and accessories. The brand is committed to sustaining African artisanal jobs while also creating sustainable pieces outside of the “fast fashion” cycle.

In fact, the philosophy of Brother Vellies is similar to our founder’s mission of #GiveWork. Brother Vellies employs a workforce that is entirely local for each of their workshops across South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Morocco. Their employees not only receive fair wages but also skills training because the company believes that the long term growth and development of Africa will occur through jobs rather than handouts.

Brother Vellies: The Stamped Croc Stell Mule

LXMI: Nilotica Goddess Glow

Infused with Nilotica and subtle rose pigments, Goddess Glow will give your sister the ethereal radiance she is always hunting for. Goddess Glow is a hydrating and highlighting product that can be worn alone or mixed into foundation for a lit-from-within glow.


Hi Wildflower Botanica: Mala Lipstick

The novelist and founder of Hi Wildflower Botanica, Tanwi Nandini Islam, utilizes sustainable and ethically sourced botanicals from all over the world to transport wearers to a different place with just a swipe of lipstick or a spritz of perfume. These cruelty-free lipsticks will nourish your best friend’s pout while also delivering high-impact color.

Hi Wildflower Botanica: Mala Lipstick
LXMI: Nilotica Lip Melt

The perfect addition to any beauty lover’s arsenal, our Lip Melt is 100% natural and works as a hydrating lip treatment to rejuvenate dry lips day or night. Apply under lipstick for an extra layer of moisture or lightly dab it on top of your lip color for a slightly glossy sheen.


Lüks Linen: Damla Diamond Weave Cotton Blanket

Lüks Linen ethical towels, blankets, and cushions are handmade from cotton that is grown, spun, and dyed in two of Turkey’s most renowned cotton growing regions: Denizli and Hatay. These linens are not only stylish and classic, but also long-lasting. And in case your textile doesn’t live up to the company’s meticulous standards of quality, each product comes with a 20-year guarantee and the promise to replace any peshtemal and blanket.

Lüks Linen: Damla Diamond Weave Cotton Blanket

LXMI: Crème du Nil Body Lotion

Inspired by our best-selling Crème du Nil facial moisturizer, we’ve created a luxe body lotion infused with hydrating Nilotica, antioxidant-rich green tea, and soothing aloe. The lotion abides by our ultra-strict Clean Beauty Code and promises to leave skin soft, smooth, and hydrate.


NAADAM: Men’s 100% Cashmere Sweatpants

Naadam is on a mission to democratize cashmere by providing a sustainable option to the market. The brand pays their nomadic herders 50% more than the local wage which allows their herders to invest in breeding and grazing practices that grow their business. In addition, their system of clean engine-powered manufacturing reduces their carbon footprint, making these sweats the perfect gift for a man who values comfort, style, and being kind to the environment.

NAADAM: Men’s 100% Cashmere Sweatpants

LXMI: Crème du Nil

Our decadent yet lightweight daily moisturizer is a powerful cocktail of hydrating and pore-minimizing ingredients. And while your boyfriend or husband might not be too worried about diminishing his pore size, he probably wouldn't mind something to soothe his skin post-shave and the pillowy light texture of our Crème du Nil does just that.

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