We Americans love multi-purpose, all-in-one solutions. 1-and-dones. 10-in-1s. Life hacks. It is tempting to narrow down your skincare routine to one superstar product, especially these days, with products and ingredients on the market, which claim to do it all. (Listen, we get it – our proprietary Nilotica Reserve™ is truly a miraculous botanical, and we continue to find new uses for it.) The truth is, however, that your skin has various needs that can’t all be solved with a panacea. Say it with us: Skin. Needs. A. Regimen. 

But why? It boils down to balance. Your skin misbehaves when one factor is thrown out of equilibrium. If your skin produces too much sebum, you break out. If you subject your skin to damaging rays of sun, it prematurely ages. The purpose of several different types of skincare products is to restore ideal harmony to your skin, so it looks and acts its best.

To build your regimen, we suggest the following steps:


Where it all begins. Beautiful, healthy skin starts with a clean canvas, as cleansers clear a path for other, more potent actives to absorb into skin and be more impactful. Choose a formula appropriate for your skin type. Typically, gels/foams are best for oily skin types, and creams/milks are better for dry skin types. We are big believers in the theory that “like dissolves like,” so for a deep clean without synthetic chemicals, we suggest a Cleansing Oil (like the LXMI Cold Pressed Triple M Oil) to break down sebum and other oils on your complexion. (Ours Cleansing Oil is uniquely moisturizing as well, so it is great to reapply a few droplets after cleansing. This is a fantastic way to multi-task, but even we won’t say that it completes your regimen on its own.) 


The often-overlooked difference maker. Men are lucky in this category, as shaving is one of the best methods of exfoliation for facial skin. Why is this step necessary at all? Sun damage can make skin build up so it’s too thick, as part of the natural healing process. When combined with unavoidable facial oils, the build-up of cells leads to clogged pores, breakouts, dullness and even the optics of deeper wrinkles. So the goal is to reveal new, brighter skin by sloughing away old, dead cells. You can accomplish this task with a physical or chemical exfoliant. Choose the type you like (contact us for natural product recommendations), and don’t overdo it.


Have it your way. This step is your opportunity to better your skin for the future. You don’t have to accept what you see in the mirror today, or even the skin you see on your relatives. There are amazing (and safe!) ingredients on the market that will target your areas of concern, and regardless of your level on the low-to-high-maintenance spectrum, it’s only logical to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to improve itself. Consider potent serums, targeted eye creams, firming solutions, antioxidant protectors, and the many varieties of anti-agers out there. Be honest with yourself about where you need help (brightness? dark spots? wrinkles?), and seek out a customized solution.


Captain obvious. Yet we are still shocked at the clients we encounter who skip this step! Research proves that European women wake up in the morning, and immediately think to care for their skin, while American women wake up, and reach immediately for coverage in the form of makeup. Just like brushing your teeth, once per day is not enough. Moisture is the holy grail for youthful skin! This is why our signature ingredient, Nilotica Reserve, continues to be the inspiration for our brand and product development. It’s moisturizing abilities are unparalleled and it’s safe for eyes and lips as well.


Plain and simple. Don’t undo all the good work you’re doing with your regimen by exposing your delicate skin to sun damage.

Choose a safe one (check out www.ewg.org/skindeep), and stick to it.

These are just the basics. For an advanced course, ask us how the pros cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize regions of the face differently, based on skin thickness and oil levels. It makes sense…just consider, are the pores on your cheekbones the same as the pores on your nostrils? If you answered yes, congratulations, you have beautiful skin. But most of us aren’t so lucky. And if you live in a climate with distinct seasons, just whoa. We could blow your mind with weather-related tricks of the trade. 

But let’s start here, getting out of the one-size-fits-all mentality for skincare.



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