A few years ago I had an amazing opportunity to consult with a Fortune 500 food and beverage company about how to make their snack products more appropriate for special occasions.

Their treats were already tasty, but they didn't have an elevated reputation (e.g. it might be odd to serve their nibbles in silver bowls at fancy parties). One of the upshots of our work sessions ended up being that their processes made their products too perfect to be considered upscale. As a group, we determined that "imperfections" are sometimes the signs of superiority, and that true artisanal craftsmanship is difficult for large companies to emulate.

In that spirit, LXMI doesn't apologize for – rather we celebrate – the microscopic crystals within our signature Nilotica Reserve™. If you haven't experienced these for yourself, let us explain:

Occasionally, our Pure Nilotica Melt formula exhibits delicate granules within the butter. This texture is inconsequential, as the crystals dissolve on skin almost immediately, but once in a while clients inquire why they exist. 

The crystals develop when the butter is cold-pressed outside of a temperature-controlled setting. More precisely, crystals reveal when Nilotica is allowed to solidify over time in temperate conditions v. immediately in a refrigerated environment. While LXMI could import the Nilotica nuts, move operations to a climate-controlled facility, and oversee the processing timeline, we prefer to #impactsource as much work as possible, as a means of lifting up Nile Valley women living in poverty. 

Therefore, we hope you will join us and extol the negligible Nilotica Reserve™ crystals in our Pure Nilotica Melt.

Like imperfections in raw silk, they reflect the unprocessed (v. machine- or chemically-altered) nature of our signature ingredient, and since they don't affect the performance of the product on skin, we are proud to leave them in.

So when you feel a tiny crystal, remember it's a sign that your purchase is giving work to women who really need the opportunities. To us, that's perfect.

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