We recently switched our Pure Nilotica Melt from a jar to a tube — the tube contains more product, takes less fuel to ship (it’s a lot lighter than the jar), and is more travel and gym-friendly.

We did this in part because so many of you mentioned that you like using the Melt, which is made of ONE INGREDIENT (!), just 50 Nilotica nuts cold-pressed into a luxe butter, for many different things: as an under-eye cream, a cleanser, a balm for chapped cuticles and lips, an overnight mask, and a salve for split ends.

Here’s our founder's quick primer on how to use Melt to thoroughly cleanse skin, and why oil cleansing is the best method for removing makeup and dirt for all skin types:

What makes Nilotica special? It’s packed with Vitamins A, E, oleic acid (an essential fatty acid that lends the Melt its buttery texture), and catechins, the same antioxidants found in green tea. And LXMI’s Nilotica is sourced ethically and sustainably, from fair trade and organic-certified cooperatives led by women in East Africa.

Happy Melting!

With love,

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