For everyone who had a tough childhood, dealt with abuse and trauma, and managed to make it to adulthood, I have a message for you: healing is possible! You have so many more gifts to give, courtesy of the struggle you endured, than people who never suffered.

During and after college, I struggled financially to do the social justice work I loved while I watched my friends get rich in banking and tech and finance. I struggled emotionally with the thought I’d never find a partner who would accept me, wounds and all. I lost friends and family to suicide, battled a few health crisis, and fell into a depression like so many entrepreneurs. And then, with the help of friends, I discovered meditation and morning pages.

I did the Hoffman process. I learned about sound healing, acupuncture, and so many complementary therapies for physical and mental illness that I always thought were “unscientific” and silly. But I was desperate, so I tried them all. And slowly, through daily practice, the load started lifting. I never imagined my life could be so full and happy, that I would find the love of my life and domestic bliss, that my family would find a way back together, and that my companies would succeed enough to stop me from daily financial worry.

Believe it or not, despite the cancer diagnosis, I have never been happier or more grateful to be alive. And I KNOW this is possible for every human who struggles.

Your wounds will enrich you!

Leila Janah
CEO + Founder

  • What a great message!!!!, You fed my soul this morning with bright inspiring words. ‘’Your wounds will enrich you!’’ .
    Thank you.

    Bulalu Tonny on

  • I love your message! It makes me want to carry your line in my business 🌹

    Lori on

  • Beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. To a grateful and beautiful world!

    Sarah McKinnie on

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