I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is filled with fewer things and more people. Less wanting and more gratitude. 

It’s also the few days before Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. Yikes. I was raised to be skeptical of “Hallmark Holidays” and any advice to buy more stuff. 

But the thing that’s funny about commerce is that on the one hand, it’s about getting more stuff, and on the other, it’s about connecting with people. Commerce can be both conscious and consumerist. 

If we are choosy about what we buy, how it’s made, and what it does for us, we can use the forces of global trade to bring prosperity to some of the world’s worst off people and places. We can use the power of markets to move people out of poverty, bring resources to environmentally threatened areas, or address social problems like mass incarceration (prison re-entry programs can do wonders).

An iconic example of this is Patagonia, the apparel company known for telling customers to buy less apparel. (Which had the effect of making people more loyal to the brand.)  

You can choose today to buy from companies with the B Corporation or Fair Trade USA certifications, or firms that are up-front about their mission and report their impact transparently.

In celebration of this new consumer consciousness, we’d like to offer you 30% off our Crème du Nil and Pure Nilotica Melt facial products that help our harvesters earn 3x more than the average wage for their work. 

Conscious is the new black. 


p.s. for the discount, enter "GIVETHANKS30" at checkout!


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