Acupuncturist and Wellness Provider

I am Debora Silverman, Acupuncturist and Wellness Provider. I am very passionate about helping people achieve better health. I have been in private practice for 12 years and worked with others in an Integrative Healthcare Practice, an Integrative Cancer Center for Women and in Hospice end of life care.

L.J.: Where did you grow up? When you were little what did you imagine your future would be like?
D.S.: I grew up in Western Massachusetts Holyoke -Northampton area. My mother was a representative of exchange students. I couldn't wait to travel the world. I wanted to be a film-maker.
L.J.: What would you tell your 18-year-old self if you could go back in time?
D.S.: Discover what you are most passionate about and follow your heart.
L.J.: Favorite pair of shoes?
D.S.: That's a hard one for me. I don't discriminate. It's really the opportunity where I'm going. I feel just as comfortable in my lace-up boots as my sneakers sandals or heels in the right moment at the right time.
L.J.: Biggest regret?
D.S.: I don't think of life in terms of regret. I believe every moment in life is an opportunity for learning and evolving. I have passed through very difficult dark moments in my life that I believe has enriched my strengths and helped to make me more compassionate and understanding with my patients and work.
L.J.: What’s your favorite season and why?
D.S.: Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love it hot and steamy. I lived in Belem, the mouth of the Amazon in northern Brazil as an exchange student when I was 15 years old. I love that kind of heat. It makes me feel so good.
L.J.: Best skincare or makeup secret? Do you have a certain beauty and health regimen that you practice?
D.S.: Keep it simple and natural. I like to put ON my body exactly what I would put INSIDE of me.
L.J.: Why do people look up to you?
D.S.: I care a lot. I want my patients to find the best way that works for them to get healthy and feel good. I see myself as a guide. They are the ones doing the real work.
L.J.: Best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
D.S.: Follow your passion and trust your heart. It may not always be easy but easy isn't how the little seed pushes through the dark heavy soil to become the majestic oak tree.
L.J.: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done at work?
D.S.: I get very passionate about health wellness and my work. I can get very excited and heated and go off on long talks. I find talking too much is not as helpful as listening more. That's my goal these days.
L.J.: If you had just one sentence to be remembered by what would it be?
D.S.: Be genuine and true to yourself always.
L.J.: What role does our societal perspective on health, wellness and beauty have in changing the course of our history?
D.S.: The explosion of online access and social media has expanded our knowledge and perspective exponentially. We have at our fingertips knowledge of any subject at any given moment. I believe it is impacting us globally to get back to nature and use more sustainable products we choose to put in and outside of our bodies.
L.J.: Sunlight or Moonlight?
D.S.: Sunlight.

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