The Healing Powers of All Natural Beauty Fixes

Posted by Laura Haddad on

Ancient Egyptians  are remembered for their use of natural ingredients and creative approaches to beauty. From skin care, hair, and makeup, our former ancestors had their share of beauty hacks that are continued  for use today. Surprisingly Kohl as we know as an element of eyeliner was indeed served for the same purpose then as well as a form of protection to combat eye infections.

Their allure techniques were for all to enjoy and reap benefit from.

“Both men and women indulged in makeup, perfume, and beauty rituals they believed not only enhanced their appearance, but also had magical and religious powers.”

In essence these ancient,  natural ingredients offered beauty as well as curing abilities which makes them truly an  extraordinary combination. In addition, this is proof that natural approaches to beauty is the best way to beauty. LXMI uses all earthly ingredients as they know its healing powers have been backed by science while achieving its beauty purpose.

Source Article: Marie Claire

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