The Best Ingredients Come from its Native Soil

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Louis Vuitton purchased Les Fontaines Parfumees where it is famous for its immense and exotic selection of plants. Vuitton embarks a journey to create a line of 7 distinct fragrances.  For the fragrance line to be a hit with consumers, Vuitton realizes it is important to have ingredients that are quality and well grown. Having the finest flowers and herbs to formulate perfumes starts with having a location that is prime.

Certain plants thrive better in certain climates and regions.

“The best noses in the world are based in these hills, but there are deep, deep rivalries in Grasse, as well as in the wider sector… If we get the right formula, we will get the lasting relationship, because our wearer will keep coming back for her refill.”

Given this, location is pivotal to create a masterpiece.

By opening a door to an outstanding garden, there is no doubt the ripest scents will be obtained. In these terms, the key to success is location. LXMI uses Nilotica in its purest form from its homeland of Uganda to produce products that users will love and trust.

Source Article: NY Times

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