Poor Skin Care Ingredients May Cause Death

Posted by Laura Haddad on

Talc based baby powder has been associated with cancer related deaths resulting major companies to pay exceedingly high for damages, and worst of all, families having to face a loss of a loved one. The prevention of these unfortunate occurrences starts with using natural, quality ingredients. It is a company’s social responsibility to provide its consumers with honesty and products that are not life-threatening.

As history shows some companies chose not to be upfront with their buyers.

"Jere Beasley, a lawyer for Fox's family, told journalists that Johnson & Johnson "knew as far back as the 1980s of the risk,” and yet resorted to “lying to the public, lying to the regulatory agencies.”"

If companies like Johnson and Johnson were transparent initially, then it might have prevented the loss of lives.

Lying and using poor quality ingredients has backfired in the worst way and overall will make companies who do as such lose its credibility and loyal customers. This is a prime example for the need of companies who believe in their users’ health by embodying an honorable full compass approach. LXMI proudly stands behind its products for its ethical purpose, nature-loving elements, and clinically proven results that aims to give its customers the best health.

Source Article: Independent UK

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