New Processes for Equality

Posted by Laura Haddad on

Current agriculture supply chain practices benefit some while leaving others less fortunate still in poverty. These workers are crucial to businesses as well as consumers as we rely on them for one of our biggest sources for survival. Recognizing it is the first step in order to create a better system that is more mindful and rewarding to these workers.  Then, making it a mission should follow to help change the current paradigm to benefit all workers.   

Businesses will make a considerable difference if they begin making efforts to avoid fair game.

“I saw that thoughtful systems in agriculture have a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact on those communities.”

Apparently this idea is doable and not surreal.

By working to make a better system that is suitable to all, we help eliminate poverty and create better opportunities. LXMI uses rare, quality ingredients from indigent countries while providing positive employment opportunities to those natives in need of work.

Source Article: FoodTank.com

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