Mother's Passed Down Ancient Beauty Secrets

Posted by Laura Haddad on

For generations throughout the Middle East and Southern Asia,  mothers pass along to their daughters holistic approaches to achieve beauty.  With simple ingredients such as rose water, turmeric, and lemon, daughters learn these nature-loving beauty methods and pass it on to their future daughters because it is reliable for its repeated and positive results. As the saying goes “mothers know best”.

On the other hand, learning from the best sources to adopt these beauty routines can then be passed down to our daughters.

“Their beauty rituals are more about understanding the importance of ancient, natural-based rituals that have withstood the test of time—because they work.

Thus, natural works. Beauty should always follow with the earth’s finest ingredients that is trusted by mothers. LXMI uses Nilotica which is a trusted, organic ingredient of Uganda where women have passed it on to their daughters for generations for its true beauty magic.

Source Article: Byrdie.com

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