Millennials Lead the Way in Supporting Locally Made Products

Posted by Laura Haddad on

Globalization has been a common choice as to how many everyday businesses operate. Yet millennials seems to be non-supporters of globalization and are aware of the reason it exists to begin with: cutting costs and profitability. Instead, it is suggested that millennials prefer to embrace businesses that encourage for the American economy to prosper- then and therefore suggesting millennials will be “the last globalized generation”.

With dated practices, we as a society have suffered the repercussions.

“Humanity spent the last 50 years globalizing. Now, thanks to certain technologies, that whole process is reversing. Historians are likely to mark the 2008 financial crisis as the turning point: Peak Globalization.”

Reversing what has been adopted as the typical fashion of doing business will take time. Regardless of the time it will take to reverse such practices, as a society we have recognized the importance for American job security. LXMI introduces rare ingredients grown from different parts of the world that is then manufactured in the United States leaving opportunities for its American citizens.

Source Article: Forbes.com

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