Firefly Population Reflects Dwindling Biodiversity

Posted by Laura Haddad on

Expanding manmade environments are treading on the natural forests, streams, and meadows where fireflies breed and exist, and the result is many fewer of these wondrous creatures who represent the magical summer evenings many of us experienced as children. In a vacuum, the issue may not seem significant, but as this article points out:

“Fireflies are indicators of the health of the environment and are declining across the world as a result of degradation and loss of suitable habitat.”

The firefly population is a foreboding sign of the direction of our environmental decline. Fireflies live in the same habitats as many forms of wildlife, so when they go, it’s only a matter of time before the problem compounds. LXMI uses wild-harvested active botanicals in an effort to preserve environmental conditions, to allow all sorts of species to thrive.

Source Article: What's Happening to the Fireflies

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