Nilotica Reserve: The Terroir Behind a Skin Superfood

Shea butter is an amazing natural product known for its hydrating and healing properties. In Africa, shea has been used for millennia to treat burns, scars, and dry skin. 

But as amazing as it is, most shea butter, like coffee or coconut oil, is a commodity. You can buy it by the ton from distributors all over the African continent.

With one exception.

Enter LXMI and our unique discovery: Nilotica Reserve. Nilotica (botanical name: Vitellaria Nilotica) is a variety of shea that grows in the fertile and pristine Nile River Valley and is known for its high olein content. And Nilotica Reserve, LXMI’s proprietary single-origin shea, is the ultimate luxury -- the Royal Jelly of the shea family, crafted from only the finest, wild-harvested nuts and cold-pressed into a rich, nutritious skin butter.

Our Nilotica Reserve Melt, a single-origin, single-ingredient skin superfood, nourishes and hydrates with exceptionally high levels of Vitamins A and K, stearin -- a natural delivery mechanism that helps the vitamin-rich butter penetrate deep into the skin.

What sets Nilotica Reserve apart is terroir, a French term that refers to the soil, climate, and other environmental factors that impact the quality of a plant and its fruits, nuts, or seeds. Terroir is a critical aspect of wine cultivation. I learned from a leading French wine-maker last year that terroir accounts for the majority of the difference in taste observed in the same grape grown across different regions -- subtle differences in the mineral content of the soil and water and in the purity of the air create dramatic changes in the taste of the grape.

This shouldn't come as a surprise: all of us have experienced the difference between a fresh, juicy tomato picked from the vine and a watery, mealy substitute grown in a hot-house.

Yet when it comes to natural skincare, we tend to think that all natural or organic-certified products are the same; we don't differentiate between mass-produced commodity crops and hand-picked, wild-harvested plants -- even though the latter pack a more powerful phytochemical punch. At LXMI, we believe that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body. You shouldn't have lower standards for your skincare.

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