So you’re going on vacation! You’ve got the bags packed, the outfits picked out, and the Instagram captions already brainstormed. You’ve made sure that nothing will get left behind – make sure your skin doesn’t get left behind either. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind the next time you’re on the road or in the skies!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Planes can be super dehydrating, due to their filtration systems. Grab a face mask - try our Deep Hydration Sheet Mask - and give your skin the boost it needs. Or, if you’d like to leave face-masking to the privacy of your own home, give your skin some relief with our powerful moisturizers. Our Crème du Nil, packed with our signature Nilotica Fruit Butter, comes in both 36mL and 15mL sizes, making it the perfect thing to stash in your carry-on on even the most cramped flights! Speaking of hydrating: don’t forget to drink water (along with those more fun vacation beverages).

  2. Once you’ve finally arrived at your vacation spot, make sure that skin is as ready for the sun as you are. That’s right – grab that SPF. Try to go at least SPF 30 (which blocks 97% of sun rays) or higher. In addition to blocking out harmful rays and preventing sunburns, sunscreen also prevents long-term damage to your skin, including wrinkling and dark spots.

  3. Your nights will probably be long and filled with dancing and wine – but don’t take that to bed. Make sure you pack some make-up wipes. If we sound like your mom, well, she was right: sleeping in makeup will clog your pores, drying out the skin and causing a collagen breakdown. Hangover for your skin? No thanks. Hangover for the rest of you? Sorry, we can’t help you with that!

  4. Once you get back, give your skin the luxurious renewal it deserves. Use our dual-sided copper wand to massage your skin, increasing circulation and eliminating puffiness. Keep it in the fridge for a true spa experience, making the end of your vacation feel like the start of a whole new one.

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