Beauty Mistakes We Hear About All. The. Time.

It’s no wonder many people seem mystified by skincare products. There are literally millions of choices, and “experts” contradict each other all the time based on their backgrounds. Lots of women come up with their own methodologies for simplifying their regimens. “I just use what my mom uses” is one of our favorites, as well as, “I’ve used this product since high school, so why change?” We treat our skin like my grandmother treats her computer—if it shows any sign of misbehaving, back away and don’t make any sudden movements or changes.

I think it’s this fear that our skin could be like a volcano ready to erupt (although this sometimes feels true, it isn’t) that keeps so many of us stuck in our risky skincare routines, using ingredients that have no place in our homes. The truth is that the world of skincare IS pretty complex (peptides? stem cells? acids?), but you can make simple, clean and pure choices for yourself and your loved ones. Your skin will glow, and you will feel confident knowing that you are well informed. Check out some of these common beauty mistakes we encounter frequently:

1 - “I already use natural products.”

Three words: Read. the. label. Brands are sly—and good at influencing us—and many companies that seem natural (we’re talking logos of trees here) are simply not safe. Many of us already do online research before purchasing skincare products, so we recommend finding a product’s ingredient listing and copying and pasting anything you

don’t recognize into If the ingredient ranks above a 1, proceed with caution.

In the US, brands are allowed to market themselves as natural without real proof. Some even find clever ways of implying natural, especially with their naming conventions. Another resource we love is #TheNeverList from Beauty Counter. Competition, Shompetition...they are doing good work.

2 - “I don’t need professional skincare solutions. I just slather coconut oil everywhere.”

Many consider grocery store products like coconut oil and cocoa butter as be-all and end-all skin cures. As much as we LOVE these products for our bodies, there’s a catch: they make you breakout! As Bustle points out in this article, Alternatives to Coconut Oil, Because Your Beloved Coconut Oil May Clog Your Pores”, coconut oil is comedogenic.

Comedogenic oils are known to aggravate pores and flare acne. The definition of comedogenic is literally: “tending to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin.” Acne prone? Steer clear and opt for something like Laxmi Nilotica Crème instead - non-comedogenic, just as natural and even better skin benefits.

3 - “My product is natural, so it must be fine for the planet and humanity.”

“Natural” sounds harmless, so it’s easy to assume that natural products are better than synthetic options in all ways. Yes, the end products are often superior, but it’s important not to overlook how producers are treated in the process of bringing natural products to

shelves. Let’s take Castor oil for example, the cornerstone of the “oil cleansing method” that’s all the rage lately. Castor oil contains Ricin, a byproduct in the meal that is “only slightly less toxic than plutonium.” It’s technically “natural” but producers of this oil are

exposed to toxic waste that is considered a biological weapon—a single molecule can disrupt a human cell. At Laxmi, we advocate #humanityabovevanity.

4 - “My mom used Cold Cream/Petroleum Jelly/etc., so it’s good enough for me.”

This one’s somewhat understandable. Some of us have parents or grandparents with perfect skin, and all they did was slather on one drugstore staple. Yes, products like petroleum jelly have many lovely qualities, but most are derived from the oil refining process, aka oil formed in oil rigs. Whoever decided to “bottle it up” had a lucrative

idea at the time, but now science has come a long way and we understand the risks associated with using petrolatum-based skincare. Not only is it not metabolized in our bodies (so it just accumulates over time, reaching scary levels), but it is also terrible for the environment. Basically, it’s time to kick these old-school skin remedies to the curb, and check out something like LXMI Nilotica Facial Crème. 

5 - “I opt for natural products whenever possible, but I won’t sacrifice looking my best.”

We get it, products with amazing clinical results are tempting, regardless of ingredients. But even if there WERE a chemical-laden product out there that could smooth wrinkles overnight…there isn’t…would it be worth risking your health, fertility and the safety

of your neighbor and the next generation, who will be exposed to endocrine disruptors via drinking water? Society finally understands secondhand smoke; let’s start thinking about secondhand skincare. #humanityovervanity

6 - “I’m on a strict paleo diet, but even though I’ve changed my eating habits, I’ll never change my go-to skincare routine.”

You are NOT just what you eat. You are what you eat...and what you put on your face. It’s proven that absorption rates on our face and scalp are up to 5-10 times higher than any other parts of our body, causing almost 60% of the chemicals in cosmetics to end up directly in our bloodstream. Let’s change the double standard that society seems to have for what we ingest vs. apply. Pregnant women seem to understand from the second they see the “+” sign, so we know this concept isn’t too far-fetched. We just have to accept that our skincare routine may need a modern (yet somehow more primitive) update to pure, rare and deep ingredients—even if we are scared of change.

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